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Bentley GTC rental front

Bentley GTC Rental NY

The new GTC just received a sleek redesign that is more beautiful than ever before. You can rent a Bentley GTC in New York for a day or for the entire weekend. The new GTC has been overhauled with an updated exterior and interior design. This luxurious sports convertible fuses luxury and performance like never before. Drop the top and cruise down to the Hampton’s in a sleek luxury Bentley convertible. We work with the top exotic car rental services in New York to provide you with an unforgettable luxury car rental experience.

Bentley GTC rental rear


This is one of the best Bentley GTC rentals to date. The newly redesigned exterior sports an elegant yet sporty look. The sweeping body lines give it a touch of elegance that is not found in any other luxury convertible. The iconic headlights are have been upgraded with a full LED Matrix-design. The rear is where you can really see the difference in the design. The oval shaped rear tail lights give it a contemporary design that is very appealing.  The wheel base has been extended giving it a larger than life look. It also sports beautifully styled alloy wheels giving it even further appeal. Experience a luxury car like never for with a Bentley GTC rental in NYC today.


The new Bentley GTC really shines inside. It has four seats although the rear seats are very tight. It does have more room than previous models with its slightly extended wheel base. The GTC also packs plenty of tech inside like the hidden center display that tucks away when not needed revealing the iconic luxury clock. The seats are extremely comfortable and sport a diamond pattern stitching that is hand sewn to perfection. The premium infotainment system also has Carplay so you can play your favorite songs as well as having access to all of your favorite navigation apps and contacts. It’s premium sound system provides for a luxury experience like never before.

Bentley GTC rental interior
Bentley GTC rental engine


The new Bentley GTC isn’t just for looks it has plenty of performance under the hood. It’s 6.0-liter W12 engine is extremly powerful and can take you from 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds. This unique engine has a top speed of 200mph and provides an endless stream of power when you need it. The performace engine is fused with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to give you quick shifting that is smooth as butter. For a luxury convertible you will be surprised by the amount of performance you will find in the GTC when you step in the drivers seat.




207 MPH






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About NYC Bentley GTC rentals

New York is a great destination to spoil yourself with a luxurious convertible like the all new Bentley GTC. This Bentley convertible is more bespoke and luxurious than ever before. If your visiting the Big Apple and want to rent a Bentley GTC for a wedding, birthday, or corporate event we have you covered. If you want to make your special day unforgettable then you can rent a Bentley GTC and show up in style. You can rent a Bentley for just one day or drive around Manhattan all weekend in an uber luxurious vehicle. There are countless reasons why you might want to rent a Bentley GTC in New York and we are happy to help make that dream come true for you. We can even have a Bentley GTC delivered to your door in New York City, Greenwich, New Canaan, Long Island, Rumson, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Montauk, Southampton Beach, New Jersey, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and  LaGuardia Airport or your hotel upon request
The cost to drive a Bentley GTC in New York for a day ranges between $999-1,495. This gives you access to one of the most luxurious convertibles in the world for 24 hours. Depending on the model that is available for your required rental dates the price can be vary. There is also a required deposit on the day of your rental that ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Once the GTC is returned you will usually get  your deposit back within 3 days depending on your banking institution. As long as the Bentley GTC does not have any damage you will receive your deposit in full.

The minimum amount of time you can rent a Bentley in New York is 24 hours. We do not provide hourly Bentley rentals in New York. Even  If you only need the vehicle for a short video or movie scene you will still be subject to the 24 hour minimum. Unfortuelty there are no exceptions to this rule.