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Ferrari F8 Spider Rental front

Ferrari F8 Spider Rental NY

The latest Ferrari is now available for rent in New York. The new Ferrari F8 provides a new standard of performance and style. The more aggressive exterior styling and increased performance levels make it one of the most desired Ferrari rentals in NYC. This iconic  convertible is the perfect super car to rent while in the Big Apple. Due to It’s hardtop convertible design you have the option of driving a convertible while still being able to have the sleek look of a coupe when required. Lower the top on this iconic Ferrari rental and cruise down Manhattan in a flagship Ferrari today. Make your trip to New York unforgettable when you step in the drivers seat of a Ferrari.

ferrari f8 rental rear


The new Ferrari F8 Spider sports one of the most exotic exteriors Ferrari has ever produced. The legedary design is much more aggressive then the previous models like the 458 Spyder and 488 Spider. The side profile is similar to the 488 spider but the bumper has a more polished look and the hood has a large scope in the center that looks amazing. The entire front end was redesigned to provide better aerodynamics that not only look but also increase the cars performance. One of the most unique features in the front are the led lights that help illuminate the streets at night.



The cockpit of the F8 Spider has enough room for 2. The hardest part of renting a Ferrari F8 in NY is deciding what friend to take with you for a ride. The refined interior is what you would come to expect from a Ferrari. Italian hand stitched leather and suede covers every surface. When combining the incredible interior with carbon fiber pieces you can tell each car was meticulously put together to provide you with the best quality interior possible. The premium entertainment center and infotainment system allow you to listen to your favorite songs while having turn by turn directions so you can get to your destination like a pro. The six speaker audio system is state of the art and is only topped by the amazing sounds coming  out of the exhaust system. You can pair your phone and have instant access to all your favorite playlist. It also comes equipped with Carplay so if you have an phone that supports it.

ferrari f8 rental interior
ferrari f8 rental performance


The power from the F8 spider comes from a 710-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine that takes Ferrari performance to a new level. The twin turbo engine is extremely powerful and can take the F8 Spider from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds. The Ferrari F8 is so powerful that it can hit a top speed of 211mph. The engine is combined with a dual-clutch seven-speed  automatic transmission to give you nearly instant shifts when you put the pedal to the metal. This is by far one of the most exotic Ferrari rentals in New York. When your ready to experience the performance of a flagship Ferrari give us a call. We guarantee you’ll have a great time in New York behind the wheel of the F8 Spider.




211 MPH






Ferrari 488 Spyder rental

About NYC Ferrari F8 Spider rentals

The Ferrari F8 is the most requested Ferrari rental in NYC with good reason, If you want to drive one of the hottest Ferrari rentals in New York then the F8 should be the first car that comes to mind. The latest Ferrari is a great car to rent for a birthday celebration, wedding, or anniversary. You can also rent a Ferrari in New York to create a video or photo shoot and showcase your brand. Experience the thrill of driving your favorite Ferrari in New York this weekend for the day, weekend, or on a weekly term. There is nothing like driving a Ferrari in Manhattan with the top down in the Ferrari F8 Spider and the sounds of the city all around you. We couldn’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to drive the latest Ferrari F8 Spider in the Big Apple. Your favorite Ferrari can be delivered to your door anywhere in the tri-city area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Hamptons, JFK Airport, LGA Airport and the surrounding areas.

The price to rent a Ferrari in New York is from $1,899-2,895 for 24 hours. It depends on which trim is available on the days you request. A deposit from $5,000 and $15,000 is also required and is returned to you after 3 business days of returning the vehicle. As long as there is no damage while you where in possession of the vehicle. Our goal is to always get you the best price for the best Ferrari rentals in New York.

None of the Ferrari rentals in NYC are allowed to rent for less than 24 hours. During holidays and special events there may also be a two day minimum. The least amount of time you can rent a Ferrari in New York is one day. You always have the option to bring it back early but you will still be charged the full 24 hours. Due to the limited amount of cars available we have a strict minimum day requirement. If you just need the car for a quick photo shoot or music video you can always rent the car for a couple hours but you will need to pay for the full day even if it’s only being used for an hour.