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Range Rover HSE Rental front

Range Rover HSE Chauffeur NY

New York is one of the most popular destinations to hire a luxury chauffeur. If you prefer to be driven around NY in style the Range Rover HSE is a great option for limo services in NY. You can hire a Range Rover HSE with a driver in NY and get driven around Manhattan in style. The HSE features a contemporary design with a luxurious touch. This is one of the more premium luxury SUV you can hire with a driver. It can fit up to 4 passengers comfortably or 3 passengers total in the 2 seat rear configuration. Whether you’re in New York for business or vacation a ride in the Range Rover HSE is

Range Rover HSE Rental front


 The Range Rover HSE has a sleek modern look. The large body design makes has been extremely popular since it’s release. Luxury SUV’s are popular in NY but the HSE is one of the most popular to rent with a driver. The unique design has evolved over the years but remains fairly true to it’s original design. The elegant exterior has made the HSE one of the most popular luxury SUV’s in the world. The exterior design of the Range Rover HSE is bold and elegant and makes for a great chauffeur in New York city. Imagine getting driven around Manhattan in a luxurious Range Rover HSE or HSE autobiography.


The inside of the Range Rover HSE is luxurious and modern. The seats are covered in leather and crafted to perfection. The rear seat of the HSE provides unparalleled comfort and plenty of space for you to stretch and relax. The HSE has a bench seat in the back and the autobiography has 2 seats in the back with a row in the center. One additional passenger can ride up front for a total of 3 or 4 passengers depending on the model. The HSE extended version allows provides additional room in the rear and is the best option but not always available. The Range Rover HSE has a premium sound system so you can ask the driver to play your favorite songs on your trip. Our New York luxury chauffeur service gives you the freedom to sit back and relax while a professional driver takes you around the city.

Range Rover sport Rental interior
Range Rover HSE Rental engine


The Range Rover HSE was created with a rugged design to be able to explore all roads. Land Rover, the company that makes the Range Rover HSE is know for their heritage of off road vehicles that are well built. The Range Rover HSE is the flagship model in the lineup and takes the rugged design and combines it with a refined luxury touch. The HSE comes with an advanced air suspension for a smooth ride around New York. The suspension allows the HSE to absorb almost all the bumps so you will not feel a thing when riding in the rear. The driver can even lower the vehicle a couple inches with the touch of a button to make it easier to get in and out of the luxury SUV.


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About New York Range Rover HSE chauffeur service

The HSE provides a beautiful combination between modern exterior design, spacious interior and luxury features. New York chauffeur services wouldn’t be complete without a Range Rover HSE. Experience a premium driver service in New York with a beautiful Range Rover. The back seat of this luxury SUV will make an trip a pleasurable one.  Whether your celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding or prom we can have a Range Rover HSE available for you anywhere in the tri-city area. We provide pickup and delivery in New York city, Manhatten, Long Island, Brooklyn, Greenwich, North Hampton, South Hampton or anywhere in between. 

The hourly cost to hire a Range Rover HSE in New York with a driver starts from $249 per hour. During special events like Fashion Week or busy holidays prices can be a little higher. The earlier you book your reservation the more selection you will have to choose from. For chauffeur jobs of over 8 hours or multiple day chauffeurs we have discounted rates. If you would like an exact quote feel free to give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding availability and pricing. Our goal is to provide you with the best Range Rover chauffeur service in New York at the best price possible.

All of our luxury chauffeurs require a minimum of 5 hours including the Range Rover HSE. If you just need an airport transfer we can facilitate your rental but you will be required to pay for the full 5 hours. The hours must also be consecutive.