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BMW i8 Rental NY

If your looking for exotic car rental in NYC with a futuristic design and affordable price then the i8 is a great option. Make your next vacation a memorable one with a BMW i8 rental in New York. The first thing you’ll notice about the i8 is the cool scissor doors that open upward. The concept car like design makes you feel like you just stepped into the future. The BMW i8 is a hybrid that combines a twin turbo gas engine and an electric engine. This one of a kind hybrid has influenced many supercar manufactures makers to create cars with similar power terrains.

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There’s no denying the BMW i8 has one of the most futuristic exterior designs out of all the exotic car rentals available in New York. The concept car styling looks more like a concept car then a production car. One thing is certain, the BMW i8 gets looks everywhere it goes. The sleek design and long wheelbase give the illusion that the car is racing by even when it’s just parked. Another cool feature of the i8 is the dihedral doors that open upward adding to it’s modern futuristic style. This is a very popular BMW rental in NY due to it’s aggressive styling and lower price point. From the modern headlights to the floating rear tail lights this a great exotic car to rent in the Big Apple. Rent a BMW i8 in New York this weekend and experience this electric powerhouse for yourself.


The BMW i8 comes with 4 seats but the rear seats are very cramped and don’t offer much room so we only recommend it as a two seater. The interior shell is composed completely out of carbon fiber. Inside the interior looks just as futuristic as the exterior with the same attention to detail as you would find in any high-end sports car. The car has two digital screens inside, One is the speedometer that is completely digital and changes colors depending on the driving mode your in. It provides information regarding the gas and battery you have left and also displays the usual mph and the rpm. The other screen provides the navigation and media center which is located in the center of the car.BMW i8 rental is now available in New Jersey as well.

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The BMW i8 is a high-performance machine that demands attention in every part of New York. The car has several driving modes that switch the car from gas to electric in order to provide optimum performance or optimum efficiency. In sports mode, the i8 can travel from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 160 mph. Comfort mode is purely electric and can drive for a short distance without needing to switch over to Eco Pro. In the Eco Pro mode, the i8 adjust all its functions in order to provide maximum efficiency yet if you press the gas to hard it will switch over to the combustion engine. Sports mode which is all of our NYC customers favorite mode to be in. Sports mode tunes the suspension and combines the electric motor and twin turbo gas engine for maximum performance.





155 MPH






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About NYC BMW i8 rentals

Overall our NYC BMW rental service is a fun way to experience NYC or NJ for the weekend. Whether you’re on vacation or you live in NYC it provides a fun way to get away from adulting for the weekend. You work hard and deserve a break once in awhile to have some fun. When you are ready to rent a BMW i8 in NYC give us call. We require advanced notice but can deliver the i8 anywhere in New York City, Greenwich, New Canaan, Long Island, Rumson, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Montauk, New Jersey or Southampton Beach. Getting the car delivered will incur an additional fee depending on where you need the car. Rent a BMW i8 in NYC today and experience the thrill of excitement of a sleek exotic car.

The cost to rent a BMW i8 in New York for the day starts at $595. There is also a security deposit required on the day of your rental that can range from $2,500-$5,000 depending on what insurance coverage you have. We always aim to provide our customers with the best BMW rentals in New York at the lowest cost. If you’re ready to experience a New York i8 rental give us a call. We can go over all the requirements and provide exact pricing for the days you require the car. 

Unfortunately we do not provide hourly rentals in the BMW i8 in New York. The lowest time frame you can hire a BMW i8 in New York is one full day. This means you will have access to this cool electric sports car for a full 24 hours. You can always choose to bring back the i8 earlier if you only need it for a couple hours but will still be charged for the full day. There are no exceptions and some weekends may require a 48 hour minimum.