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BMW Rental New York

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Experience a BMW rental service in New York City like no other. We can find you the best BMW rentals in NY for you to enjoy this holiday season. Choose from a variety of high-performance BMW’s for rent like the BMW i8, BMW M4, and the 850i convertible. Since its inception in 1929, BMW has continually released sports cars that booth look amazing and perform very well. Regardless of the model you decide to rent, you will surely have a good car rental experience when you rent a BMW. These German sports cars provide lots of fun and get a lot of attention. At Luxury Car Rental USA you can rent a BMW for a day, weekend or on a monthly basis. We also provide door to door delivery of any of our NY BMW rentals. Give us a call and someone on our concierge team would be happy to assist you in finding the right car for your next event. Because of our partnership with the top exotic car rental companies in the big apple, we can provide a larger selection of BMW rentals than any other company. Experience one of these high performance New York BMW rentals today.

BMW i8 roadster rental
BMW i8 rental
BMW i8


BMW is a German car car manufacture that makes a variety of refined luxury vehicles and sports cars. They produce Luxury SUV’s, Exotic Sports Cars, and Luxury Sedans that are available for rent with our New York luxury car rental services. These cars are less expensive to rent and provide a great car rental experience for you and your loved ones. The best thing about a BMW rental in New York is that there are so many different options to choose from.

Pick from a variety of models like the iconic BMW M4, the BMW X7, and 850i to name a few. Each BMW rental provides different configurations to suit different needs. The X7 and X6 for example provide plenty of room for friends and family to come along for a ride. While the BMW M4 and BMW i8 roadster are incredible high performance machines that are a thrill to drive. Regardless of the NY BMW rental option you decide to go with your going to have a a great time behind the wheel of a BMW.

We can have your favorite BMW delivered to the door of your home or hotel in anywhere in New York including New York city, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Greenwich, New Canaan, Montauk, Southampton Beach and even New Jersey.

The price to rent a BMW in New York can vary from $299-$795 per day. The higher end BMW rentals like the i8 roadster and 850i convertible demand a higher price but provide incredible styling and performance for your money. For peak season such as during high school graduations, Memorial day, Independence day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and New Years prices may increase because of the high demand for exotic cars. We can provide the biggest discounts when you rent for 7 days or more. Our long term BMW rental service is available on a monthly basis at a 25% discount.

BMW i8 Roadster
The BMW i8 has been one of the most popular BMW rentals in New York since it’s it’s release. Out of all the New York BMW rentals we have provided this is the most futuristic out of the bunch. It is also the one with the most advanced technologically. This sports car has a combination of an electric engine and gas engine to provide amazing performance. This is a Hybrid BMW roadster that all of our customers in New York love. It comes with doors that open upward and a unique space ship looking interior so it’s defiantly a cool car to drive in New York. It’s also a roadster so you can lower the top and cruise around New York in style. Cruise down Long Island or the Hampton’s in one of the most unique exotic cars in the big apple.

Our customers have nothing but good things to say about the BMW M4. Rent a BMW M4 in New York and find out for yourself why so many car enthusiast rave about this sports car. If you want a high performance sports car that has the iconic BMW design the M4 performs like no other. Drop the top on your dream car and cruise to your favorite spots around Manhattan in this beautiful marvel of engineering.Overall the M4 is an extremely fun car to drive and will provide a weekend of thrills and excitement. If you’ve never driven an exotic car in New York we couldn’t think of a better first car to start with.

The BMW X6 rental is a beautiful and extremely popular luxury SUV to rent in New York. It has enough space to seat 5 people comfortably while still providing the styling, performance, and comfort that a BMW SUV rental is known for. It is a sporty SUV that you can rent to drive your family and friends around town in style. Make your New York vacation unforgettable with a legendary BMW X6 rental.

Yes we always welcome creative individuals that are looking for a BMW rental to get the perfect photo. If you need a luxury car for a video production, music video, TV commercial, or movie production we would be happy to help you find the perfect car. New York is an amazing city with incredible places to take the perfect picture or video. In the past we’ve worked with many production companies to help them find the perfect BMW for their next project. We have two options available that you can choose from. One option would be to hire a BMW with a driver and have him take care of moving the car around. If you decide to go with this option we will have a professional driver take the car to your location and move it if necessary. In this case will not be required to provide a security deposit but no one besides the driver will be allowed to move the vehicle. The other option would be to rent a BMW in your name or company name and you can have your actors or models move the car or drive it wherever you choose. If you do decide to rent the BMW under your name we will need to provide proof of insurance a valid drivers license for everyone who will be driving the vehicle. You will also be required to leave a security deposit on the day of the rental.