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Mercedes G550 Squared Rental front

Mercedes G550 Squared Rental Miami

One of the biggest and baddest Mercedes SUV’s to hit the streets of Miami. You can rent the 2022 Mercedes G550 4×4 Squared in Miami this weekend. The new lifted G wagon literately takes you to a whole new level. Hover over the streets of Miami in a luxurious monster truck today. It is faster and sleeker than ever with a new refined design. It still stays true to the iconic G wagon style that we have all come to love while adding a few subtle changes to refine your driving experience. Make your journey to Miami unforgettable when you rent a G550 squared in Miami today.

Mercedes G550 Squared Rental rear


There isn’t any drastic changes in the design between the older and the newer model but it does have some minor tweaks to give the g550 4×4 Squared a bolder look and more aggressive stance. The G-Class 4×4 squared includes the same extended carbon fiber fenders found in the previous model. It is also raised up like before with 10 inches more ground clearance than the standard G550. It’s wider than the standard g550 and has a bold presence wherever it goes. The large design was first seen in the military 6×6 version of the G-Class and uses a similar suspension system that allows you to overcome any obstacle on the road.


The G550 4×4 squared is one of the most spacious luxury SUV rentals in Miami. It has enough room to seat up to 5 people comfortably and has ample room to accommodate taller passengers.The main difference in the new G550 squared can be seen inside. It sports two large screens inside just like all the new Mercedes SUV rentals in Miami. One of the screens is the digital dash and the other can be used to control all of the cars features and also displays navigation details to get you around Miami like a local. The premium sound system and 4×4 exclusive seats add a nice touch and make it even more exclusive. The rear cargo has tons of room for you to fit all of your luggage and anything you might need to bring along for your adventure in Miami.

Mercedes G550 Squared Rental interior
Mercedes G550 4x4 Rental engine


The g550 4×4 is large and in charge packing a 4 liter V8 twin turbo engine under the hood. It produces 416 horsepower with 450 pound feet of torque. The new G-Class 4X4 also comes with portal axles giving it further maneuverability through any terrain. The wheels are not attached to the axle but use individual portal transmissions for each wheel. For the suspension you have twin coil overs with adaptive dampers on each wheel. Renowned for its performance and 4×4 capabilities this is one of the hottest new luxury car rentals in Miami. You won’t be going fast in the 4×4 but it is very fast for a large SUV going from 0-60 in just 6.5 seconds. It has 22 inch alloy wheels and large




130 MPH






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If you want to rent a luxury SUV that lets yo ride high in the ultimate luxury cabin then the g550 4×4 is a premium option. There is no other luxury SUV on the market that compares. The only other similar car which pales in comparison is some of the lifted Jeep rentals we offer in Miami. If you want to make a bold statement while attending a special event then this is it. You can rent the Mercedes G550 4×4 squared in Miami for a day, weekend, or on a weekly term. There is nothing like driving the biggest and baddest Mercedes in Miami.Ready to experience the ultimate G wagon rental in Miami? The G550 Squared is a G Class SUV with an upgraded suspension, engine and interior. You can rent this beautiful Mercedes G Wagon for a day, weekend, weekly or even on a monthly basis. The G wagon squared sits 18 inches off the ground and is 7 feet wide with specially designed 22-inch wheels and carbon fiber fenders. You must see this car in person to appreciate the sheer size and presence it demands. This beautiful luxury SUV is everything you would expect from a Miami Mercedes rental. All of our customer that have rented this monster g wagon say that it is the most unique version of the G wagon they have ever driven.Inside of the 4×4 Squared G wagon rental, you will get all the luxurious Nappa leather interior and comforts you expect from the German car manufacturer. All of the latest automotive technology can be found inside the G-Class squared including a high-end infotainment system. Navigation, car play, and Android auto are just some of the tech found inside the G 550 squared. The 10-way power front seats allow you to adjust to your preferred driving position. The ventilated front seats also help to keep you cool on those hot summer days in Miami.Beneath the hood is a 4.0 liter V8 bi-turbo lightweight engine with instant power delivery to the 22-inch wheels. The new aluminum eight-cylinder V-shaped engine comes standard with twin turbochargers. When you switch to SPORTS mode the Gwagon handles like a performance luxury SUV. A premium all-wheel-drive powertrain and portal axles inherited from the 6×6 give it maneuverability like no other luxury car rental. Although there are no mountains in South Beach it’s nice to have such a high visibility when driving threw ocean drive in the king of SUV’s. The newly-developed variable chassis also provides a suspension that no other luxury SUV rental in Miami offers. Rent the biggest, baddest Mercedes G wagon on the streets of Miami from Luxury Car Rental USA. Your favorite Mercedes SUV rentals can be delivered to your door anywhere in Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami International Airport and the surrounding areas.
The cost to rent a G 500 4×4² in Miami is around $1,200 per day. Prices can vary due to seasonal demand. We can deliver the G550 squared rental to Miami Airpot for free. The G 500 4×4 squared rental includes 100 miles, each additional mile after is charged at $2.95.  Drive One of the exclusive Mercedes G wagons ever produced. If you have any question regarding any one of our Mercedes rentals please feel free to give us a call. We strive to provide the easiest and quickest way to rent a luxury car anywhere you might be traveling to. If you prefer we also have the standard G wagon rental and the G63 models available in Miami. Our goal is to  help our customer rent the best luxury car rentals in Miami at the best price. If you would like exact pricing feel free to reach to us.
Due to the high demand for the g550 squared the minimum amount of time you can rent it is 24 hours. None of our Mercedes-Benz rentals are allowed to rent for less than 24 hours. You always have the option to return the car earlier but you will still be billed for the full day.