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Cadillac Rental Los Angeles

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Don’t just arrive to your next destination in Los Angeles, get their in style with a luxurious SUV by the iconic American luxury brand Cadillac. The Cadillac Escalade is one of the most popular luxury SUV rentals in LA. It has been recently redesigned with an update exterior and interior. Inside you will find the latest technology including 32 inches of OLED displays and a more refined interior than ever before. Enhance your vacation to Beverly Hills with a high end  luxury car rental and make your trip unforgettable. Choose from two different models that include the Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV. Either one  of these full sized SUV’s can fit up to 7 people. The ESV has 10 inches of extra space in the rear to give you added space for all your belongings. The Escalade is one of the most affordable luxury SUV rental options in Los Angeles. We can also provide you with luxury Chauffeur services with the Escalade and Escalade ESV and you can sit back and relax while a chauffeur drives you around Hollywood like a celebrity. Hire an Escalade with a driver or rent one for yourself and enhance your car rental experience in LA.



Ever since it was released in 1990 the Escalade has been viewed as one of the most luxurious full sized American SUV’s in the world. The 2021 generation Escalade and Escalade ESV have taken this to a whole new level. They feature a bold new look with updated technology and screens to make your driving experience one of the best. These affordable and luxurious SUV’s are great if your traveling with family due to the enormous amount of interior room they offer. When you rent a Cadillac in Los Angeles,  California you can be sure your going to driving a beautiful well built American luxury SUV. From its iconic Cadillac grill to it’s dully appointed interior cabin nothing says success like Cadillac. Every time you see an Escalade in a movie or TV show there is always someone important inside. It is a symbolic car and has a long tradition of being a stylish and well built vehicle. Great for long trips down to Malibu on the scenic Pacific highway this new Escalade drives like a dream. If you prefer to be driven around like a celebrity you can also choose to hire a Cadillac Escalade with a driver with our Los Angeles luxury chauffeur option.

Cadillac Escalade rentals in Los Angeles start at $499 per day and can go up to $650 a day for the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV. The cost to rent an Escalade in Beverly Hills can be slightly higher when during holidays such as labor day, memorial day, Christmas and new years. A security deposit is also mandatory and can range between $500-$3000 but it is refunded to you as long as the SUV is returned with no damage. Another option is to  hire a Cadillac Escalade with a driver for $399 per hour. All luxury chauffeur services in LA require a minimum of 4 hours. If your going to be in California for a longer period you can take advantage of a long term Escalade rental. You can save as much as 30% by renting an Escalade on a monthly basis in Los Angeles. You can call us any time and we would be happy to answer any questions regarding pricing and availability. We only work with the top exotic car rental services in LA to give our customers the best price available.

Cadillac Escalade ESV

The ESV is the largest luxury SUV you can rent in Los Angeles. It has 10 inches of extra room in the rear than the regular Cadillac Escalade. The interior in both models provide 38 inches of OLED HD display to provide you with instant access to navigation, media and all of the cars functions. Both the Escalade and Escalade ESV can seat up to 7 passengers in comfort. Both models also come with 4 captains chairs and a rear bench that could be folded down to provide additional room for luggage. The ESV makes sense for those who are traveling heavy and need lots of room for luggage. The extra 10 inches of space can help you fit all your belongings inside with relative ease. Overall the ESV is a very popular SUV to rent in Los Angeles for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, proms, business meetings, or corporate events. Fall in love with this luxurious SUV when you rent an Escalade ESV in Los Angeles today.

Cadillac Escalade

The standard Escalade is also very popular in Los Angeles. It’s easier to drive and park than the ESV but does not provide as much cargo space. If you don’t need the additional room this is a great option. If your only traveling with 4 passengers you can lower the rear bench seat and it will give you plenty of room for all of your luggage. It is basically identical to the ESV in every way except for the additional 10 inches of space in the rear. Take an epic adventure around California in the all new technologically advanced Cadillac Escalade. Any one of these Escalade rentals will be fun to drive and make your vacation that more memorable.

 In the past we have worked with the Television, Film, and TV Commercial industry to provide some of the coolest luxury cars and exotic cars in the world. The Escalade is no exception and we are happy to help you and your staff find the perfect Escalade for your production. Cadillac is a classic and iconic car manufacture that creates some of the most luxurious SUV’s in the world. If you want to portray a character as successful or opulent then the Escalade is always a great choice. We can arrange for your ideal Escalade to be cleaned and delivered to your location for your next photo shoot, movie production, TV commercial or music video. In order to do have an Escalade delivered to your set you can decide from two different options. The first option is to rent the car under your name or your companies name. In this case we would require you to rent the car for a minimum of 24 hours and provide drivers license and insurance information for each person that will be driving the vehicle. If you really only need it for a couple hours you can return it early but you will still be charged for the full 24 hours. You can also hire an Escalade with a driver using our luxury chauffeur services. A professional driver will take the car to your location and will be in charge of positioning the car wherever you require. In this case the driver will be the sole person allowed to move the car. We recommend doing this as soon as possible to make sure that the car is available and avoid any delays.

The Cadillac Escalade is an exceptional car to rent for weddings. We’ve worked with many couple in the past to find them the perfect Escalade for their big day. Whether your getting married in Santa Monica, Malibu or Beverly Hills we can have your favorite Cadillac Escalade delivered directly to your venue or hotel in Los Angeles. The ESV model is extremely popular for weddings due to the extended rear which provides additional space for presents or any belongings you might be taking along for the ride. If you prefer not to drive you can hire an Escalade with a driver in LA and he can drive you around your favorite part of LA in style.