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Ferrari Rental Vegas

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Discover Las Vegas in a new way by renting a Ferrari sports car. The perfect place to experience one of the most Iconic Italian sports cars of all time. The city of Las Vegas is a fun city to enjoy our exotic car rental service. What would be sweeter than cruising through the Las Vegas strip in a brand new convertible Ferrari? Enjoy your time in sin city by getting a Ferrari 488 GTB or a Ferrari 458 spider delivered to your hotel on the strip for free. Get behind the wheel of your favorite Ferrari rentals in Las Vegas. What are you waiting for rent a Ferrari in Las Vegas today! Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone your Ferrari is rented, after all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you’re looking for something different we have a whole list of Vegas exotic car rentals to choose from. Luxury car rental at las vegas airport has never been easier. We provide free gas and delivery to McCarren International Airport upon request. You will feel like royalty when you drive off the lot in a shiny new Ferrari. Experience the thrill and excitement of driving your dream car with Luxury Car Rental USA today.

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Vegas is beautiful place to visit and has some of the most prestigious hotels in the world. If you want to go all out while your in Vegas it makes sense to rent one of the most iconic Italian sports cars in the world. The Vegas strip is the perfect setting to try a Ferrari rental. A great experience for birthday’s, bachelor parties, weddings or any memorable event you might be celebrating in Vegas.  Experience Vegas like a celebrity by driving your favorite exotic car rental in Las Vegas for the weekend.

Your probably wondering how much does it cost to rent a Ferrari in Vegas? The price to rent a Ferrari in Las Vegas varies anywhere between $995-$1999 per day depending on the Ferrari you choose to rent. There is also a security deposit between $500-$5,000 required on the day of the rental. Take a seat in one of the most iconic exotic cars in the world. We provide long term Ferrari rental prices if you would like to rent a Ferrari for a week or more. Call us today and someone on our concierge team can help you decide on what Ferrari rental to choose. We also provide free delivery to the Vegas strip and McCarren International Airport if booked in advance.

Ready to experience the thrill of driving your first Ferrari in Vegas? There are several requirements that you need to rent one of these italian stalions.  In order to rent a Ferrari in Vegas you need to be over 21 and have a valid drivers license. The second requirement is you must have full coverage insurance that has sufficient coverage for the Ferrari you choose to rent. If your insurance policy does not provide enough coverage you can always call and upgrade your policy to meet the requirements. The insurance policy must also be transferable your rental car. The last thing your going to need is a credit card for the security deposit.

Ferrari F8 Spyder
The F8 Spyder is the newest exotic car to be available in Las Vegas. Since it was released we’ve been getting multiple request a day to book this Ferrari. It replaces the iconic 488 Spyder and has more aggressive styling and of course more power than ever before. Drive down the Vegas strip in the hottest new Ferrari on the streets. The Ferrari F8 available for hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly rentals.  We can have this beautiful Ferrari waiting for you downstairs at any hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Ferrari 488 Spyder

Another beautiful Ferrari that is highly requested in Las Vegas is the 488 Spyder. It is considered by many car enthusiast to be one of the best Ferrari’s to rent in Las Vegas. This iconic Italian sports car replaced the legendary Ferrari 458 Spyder and provides more torque and power and looks more stylish the 458. We have a variety of them to choose from so you have more options and more availability with this model. Unless your a hard car enthusiast most people would have a hard time distinguishing the 488 from the F8.

Yes you can hire a Ferrari for a photo shoot in Vegas. We have helped many photographers find the perfect Ferrari for their photo shoot in Vegas. We are always happy to work with any creatives to help you get the perfect shot. We can deliver your favorite Ferrari to your location in Vegas for wedding photos , birthday pictures, or just because. If you would like to drive the car during the photo shoot you will need to provide license and insurance but if not we can provide you with a driver than can handle moving the car in the position you desire.

Absolutely, We have worked with many couples that want to rent a Ferrari for a Vegas wedding. If you love cars it makes sense to rent a Ferrari and take your significant other for a ride in your dream car. We would be happy to help you find the perfect Ferrari for you to rent in Las Vegas. Make your wedding extra special with a beautiful Ferrari F8 Spyder or a Ferrari 488 Spyder.