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Ferrari F8 Spider Rental front

Ferrari F8 Spider Rental Vegas

Get behind one of our Las Vegas Ferrari rentals today. You can rent a Ferrari F8 in Vegas for a day, weekend or for just a couple of hours. The Ferrari F8 is the latest flagship model by the iconic Italian super car brand. Experience the thrill and excitement of driving the latest Ferrari down the Las Vegas strip this weekend. The beautiful styling and powerful engine make this one of the most requested Ferrari’s to rent in Vegas.  The sleek styling is not only for looks but also provides for maximum aerodynamic efficiency increased down force and low drag. Drop the top and experience Vegas like never before when you cruise down the Vegas strip in this beautiful hard top convertible Ferrari .

ferrari f8 rental rear


The Ferrari F8 Spider brings the most beautiful exterior and interior styling Ferrari has ever released. The iconic design has not changed much but it has a more refined look and aggressive front end then the previous models like the 458 Spyder and 488 Spider.The design is very similar to the 488 but has a more polished look and adds an aggressive touch without being too flashy. The entire front end has been redesigned to exemplify the aerodynamics of the car. The new and compact horizontal LED headlights add another touch of class.



As soon as you step inside your Ferrari F8 rental you will fall in love with the hand crafted Italian interior. The cabin is extremely comfortable for a sports car. The craftsmanship is evident in every part of the car especially with the leather seats that are hand stitched to perfection. The quality of materials inside combined with an F1 inspired cockpit make it one of the most elegant interiors of any exotic car rental in Vegas. The F8 has keyless entry and also comes equipped with CarPlay so you can  pair your phone and answer calls or listen to your favorite songs. The steering wheel houses all the controls you will need including the engine start button. Inside the front trunk, there is enough space for medium-sized luggage but space is very limited. Behind the seats, there is also a little extra room to fit a suitcase or small bag.
ferrari f8 rental interior
ferrari f8 rental performance


The Ferrari F8 comes with a mid-engined twin-turbo V-8 engine with direct fuel injection that produces 710 horse power.  For the transmission, it is equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The combination of engine and transmission propel this Italian supercar from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds. It has a top speed of 211 mph although we recommend following the local Vegas regulations to avoid any accidents or tickets. The suspension in the F8 convertible features a multilink setup in the rear and double wishbones in the front. Overall this is one of the most fun exotic cars to drive in Vegas.




211 MPH






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About Vegas Ferrari F8 Spider rentals

If you want to drive the best Ferrari in Vegas the F8 is the best of the best. It’s a hard top convertible that will make your trip to Vegas unforgettable. Whether your celebrating a birthday and want to spoil your significant other with an exotic car rental in Vegas the Ferrari F8 will not let you down. Imagine yourself driving the flagship convertible Ferrari down the Las Vegas strip. We can have a Ferrari F8 delivered directly to your hotel in Vegas including the Encore, The Bellagio, Four Seasons Las Vegas, Aria, The Cosmopolitan, Mandarin Oriental, Wynn, Venetian, or Caesars Palace. Rent the F8 for a day or drive around Vegas all weekend like the king of Vegas.

The price to drive a Ferrari F8 in Vegas ranges from $1499-$1,995 for the day. Four hour rentals are usually around half the price but don’t let you experience the car for a long time. There is also a security deposit required from $5,000 and $15,000 that is due on the day of your rental. Our mission is to find you the best prices for the best Ferrari rentals in Las Vegas.

You can but the minimum is four hours. Your better of just renting the car for 24 hours so you can really experience how fun it is to drive a Ferrari and get more time behind the wheel. The longer you rent the car for the better the price you will get.