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Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental front

Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental Vegas

The Ferrari Tributo is the newest Italian stallion available for rent in Vegas.  Ferrari F8 rentals in Vegas are the most exclusive exotics you will find. The F8 Tributo blends exotic styling, luxury interior, and high performance like no other Ferrari. It’s the flagship model and replaces the 488 GTB. It’s the perfect exotic car rental to explore the Vegas strip. Nothing is more exciting then driving a new Ferrari around the strip or taking a cruise down to the grand canyon. You can rent a Ferrari Tributo in Vegas for just a couple hours or all weekend. The Tributo is more powerful and has more of a refined look than any other Ferrari in the past. Drive your dream Ferrari down the Las Vegas strip today.
Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental rear


The new flagship Ferrari is more beautiful than any other ever produced. The F8 Tributo takes the design of the predecessor with a sleeker and bolder design. The design increases it’s aerodynamics providing additional airflow for maximum stability at high speed. The hood comes with a large S-duct in the center that sculpts air through to the bottom of the car providing down pressure to keep the car stable at higher speeds. The headlights are smaller and look incredibly sleek and the rear adds an additional set of tail lights so you have four instead of the two on the 488. The new Ferrari coupe is one of the best exotic car rentals for Las Vegas and will make your trip to Vegas an unforgettable one.


The interior of the Ferrari F8 Tributo is similar to the 4 GTB in it’s basic design but there are several changes that were made. The ac vents for one have been changed to a rounded shape like in the Ferrari F12 instead of the triangular ones that were found before. you will find one of the most comfortable. The climate control panel has also been updated to make it easy to use. The sound system is now compatible with Carplay so you can connect your phone and play your favorite songs as well as use your favorite navigation app to get around Las Vegas. It is still driver focused and uses the finest leathers that are hand stitched to perfection. The steering wheel has the iconic Ferrari design with Ferrari’s signature Manettino switch with some subtle refinement.

Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental interior
Ferrari F8 Tributo Rental engine


The F8 Tributo features a fine tuned twin turbo V8 engine that puts out an incredible 710 horse power. The motor is the same one that was placed in the iconic 488 Pista. The powerful V8 is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that quickly shifts through all the gears. It has a
0-60 of just 2.9 seconds. With a quick twist of the Manettino dial on the steering wheel you can adjust between several modes including comfort, sport and ESC off. Each mode provides you with a unique driving experience. This is one of the most exciting Ferrari rentals in Vegas due to it’s incredible performance and handling. Drive around Vegas in a beautiful Ferrari F8 Tributo and experience the ride of a lifetime.




211 MPH






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Ferrari f8 rental

About Vegas Ferrari F8 Tributo rentals

The Ferrari F8 is the latest and greatest Ferrari rental available in Las Vegas. Whether your in Vegas for a birthday or attending a conference the F8 will change the way you see exotic car rentals in Las Vegas. From it’s stylish good looks to it’s powerful twin turbo V8 you will find yourself just wanting to drive the car more and more as you explore the Vegas strip. The best part of renting a Ferrari in Vegas is that we can have the car delivered right to the valet of your hotel on the Vegas strip.

The cost to ride around all day in a Ferrari F8 Tributo in Las Vegas ranges from $1995-$2895 for 24 hours. You can also rent the F8 Tributo for a trip from Las Vegas to LA for an additional $1000. We also require a $15,000 deposit that is required prior to taking possession of the vehicle. Our goal is to provide customer’s with the best Ferrari rentals in Las Vegas at the best price possible. If you would like to get an exact quote for the days you need the car feel free to give us a call.

Due to this being the latest and greatest Ferrari the minimum you can currently rent the car is 24 hours. Once they become more available you will be able to rent this Ferrari in Vegas for as little as two hours if you choose. We want to allow everyone to experience this incredible sports car rental but because of the high demand the daily minimum was put in place.