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Range Rover HSE Rental front

Range Rover HSE LWB Rental Miami

The Range Rover HSE LWB combines all of the luxury you come to expect from a high end luxury SUV plus extra room in the rear. The LWB stands for long wheel base which extends the car providing additional room for you to sit back and relax. You can now rent a Range Rover HSE LWB in Miami on a daily basis, for the weekend, or on a weekly basis. The HSE LWB comes with all of the performance from the regular HSE as well. The HSE Long Wheel Base is the best Land Rover money can buy. Whether your driving the car yourself or being chauffeured in this luxury SUV your going to have a memorable time.

Range Rover HSE Rental front


 The Range Rover HSE LWB might look like a regular HSE from far but upon further inspection you will notice that it is slightly longer. The LWB  increases the wheelbase to 122.9 inches and increases the total length of the car to 204.7 inches. It’s an elegant luxury car rental and provides a calm oasis for you and your friends to drive around Miami Beach in style. The exterior design has a contemporary almost futuristic feel to it which is probably why it’s one of the top luxury SUV rentals in Miami. The LWB also only comes with the higher end trims so you are guaranteed to get one of the best Range Rovers that’s available by Land Rover. The Long Wheel Base also comes with 22″ alloy wheels. Something about the LWB just stands out when compared to the standard model.


The extended wheel base of the LWB really makes a difference when you step inside. The Range Rover HSE LWB has all of the same features as the HSE with extra space in the rear. It sits 5 adults and has a more luxurious feel due to the additional room in the rear. Like the standard HSE it has the same interior with a refined touch since the LWB only comes with the higher end trims. The leather seats are sewn to perfection and the interior is very quiet even while traveling over bumpy roads. It also comes with a high end sound system so you can jam out to your favorite songs. It has 3 displays one for the speed and engine lights one for the infotainment system and one to control the climate. Overall the best place to be in the LWB is the rear. Our Miami Beach luxury chauffeur service allows you to get driven around South Beach by a professional driver with just a phone call. If your going to hire a Range Rover HSE with a driver in South Florida than this is the best option.

Range Rover sport Rental interior
Range Rover HSE Rental engine


Range Rover is a premium level brand of car by Lad Rover and the LWB is the pinnacle. The Range Rover HSE LWB is the top of the line when it comes to this magnificent vehicles. Under the hood of the HSE LWB is a supercharged  V8 5-liter engine with 557 horsepower at your disposal. Because Land Rover was known for building off road vehicles the Range Rover lineup has it ingrained in it’s performance. Just because this is a high end luxury SUV does not mean it is not a fully capable off road vehicle as well. It’s performance suspension can be adjusted to multiple settings so you can adjust the comfort level based on the terrain you encounter. The HSE LWB is a beautiful luxury SUV with enough performance to get you and your friends around Miami Beach with no problem.




176 MPH






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About Miami Range Rover HSE LWB rentals

Miami is a beautiful city and thousands of people come every year to enjoy the beautiful weather and bespoke hotels around Miami Beach and the surrounding areas. The Range Rover HSE is a premium option when searching for the perfect luxury SUV to rent in Miami.The extended wheelbase makes it the perfect choice for luxury chauffeur services in Miami. The HSE LWB is a popular option for birthday celebrations, weddings, proms or any special event you want to arrive in style to.We can have this amazing luxury SUV delivered to your home or hotel in Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Coral Gables, Midtown, Brickell, South Beach, Key Biscayne, Wynwood, or any part of South Florida.


The cost to rent a Range Rover HSE LWB in Miami can vary from $695-$995 per day. There is also a deposit required on the day of your rental from $1,000-$5,000 depending on your insurance coverage. We always strive to find you the best prices for the top of the line Range Rover rentals in Miami. If you would like exact pricing for your required dates please feel free to call us. For most parts of Miami we offer free delivery so you won’t need to wait in line to get behind the wheel of your favorite luxury SUV.

If you would like to get behind the wheel of the HSE the minimum amount of time you can rent it is 24 hours. However if you would like to hire a Range Rover with a driver you can do so with a 4 hour minimum. Renting a Range Rover HSE LWB with a driver is the preferred option because these cars have some of the most comfortable rear seats of any luxury car rentals we offer due to the increased space in the rear. If you would like to rent the car for a photo shoot or video production and only need it for a couple hours you can always return the car earlier but will still be charged for the full 24 hours.