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Range Rover HSE Rental front

Range Rover HSE Chauffeur Miami

Miami is one of the most popular destinations for vacations and  a popular place to hire a luxury chauffeur. Rent a Range Rover HSE with a driver in Miami today. This premium luxury SUV chauffeur can accommodate up to 4 passengers comfortably. Regardless whether you’re in Miami for business or pleasure the HSE chauffeur service is a great option if you want to get driven around in style. The Range Rover HSE is the flagship model in the Land Rover lineup and provides a luxurious cabin for you to ride in. If you want to be driven around Miami in a comfortable and luxurious Range Rover HSE give us a call.

Range Rover HSE Rental front


 This luxury SUV provides a  contemporary design that sets the Range Rover HSE apart from the rest. The large body and smooth flowing lines make it a great candidate for luxury chauffeur services in Miami.The HSE has become a popular SUV to see on television shows and movies with an executive or celebrity being driven around.It features beautiful wheels that add to the allure of this luxury SUV. The iconic shape of the HSE has not changed much over the years which can attest for it’s stunning design. If you would like to get driven around Miami in one of the most luxurious SUV’s then you might want to explore the HSE. Imagine getting driven around to your favorite restaurants or night clubs in the Range Rover HSE.


When you step inside the Range Rover HSE you will be greeted with a world of luxury.The interior provides unparalleled elegance with soft leather seats and modern designed cabin. The HSE can seat 3 passengers in the back and one can even go in the front for a total of 4 passengers. Every inch of the interior is designed with high-quality materials.  The premium leather interior provides a space where you can just sit back relax and enjoy the ride. The modern contemporary interior combined with a top of the line sound system allows you to enjoy the ride while listening to your favorite songs. Our luxury chauffeur service allows you to sit back and relax as one of our professional drivers takes you around on your special day.

Range Rover sport Rental interior
Range Rover HSE Rental engine


There’s no denying the Range Rover HSE is a stylish luxury SUV with a luxurious interior but that all goes out the window if the ride quailty is not on par. The HSE features an air ride system that provides an exceptionally smooth ride. You can barely feel a thing when getting driven around Miami in the Range Rover HSE. This luxury SUV The HSE provides plenty of great features like the lowering system that drops the car a couple inches to make it easier to get in or out. When you are approaching the car the driver will lower the car to the lowest settings so you can hop aboard your luxurious ride and begin your chauffeur experience. It was designed to be a high end off road vehicle so any bumps on the streets of Miami are no match for this luxury SUV.


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About Miami Range Rover HSE chauffuer service

Modern design and luxury amenities make the Range Rover HSE a great option for Miami chauffeur services. Experience our driver service in Miami in the back seat of a beautiful Range Rover HSE.  Anyone of our Range Rover rentals would make a great first impression. Our private driver service in Miami is an exciting way of exploring Miami Beach.  Try our chauffeur service in Miami today and experience a world of luxury at your finger tips. We want to make your experience as easy and effortless as possible. We have a great reputation for providing the best luxury chauffeur services. When you hire a Range Rover with a driver you no longer have to worry about parking problems or having to much to drink. South Beach has a reputation for having the most glamorous places to visit in the world including nightclubs, beaches, historical buildings, and restaurants. It’s the perfect setting to spoil yourself with a luxury chauffeur for the night. Get driven around any of Miami’s top spots like Miami Beach, South Beach, Doral, Midtown, Palm Beach, Miami International Airport, Wynwood, and Brickell.

The cost to rent a Range Rover HSE with a driver in Miami starts from $149 per hour. During special events such as Ultra Music Festival, Art Basel, Winter Music Conference, and Fashion Week prices can be increased so it is best to call in advance to secure your favorite vehicle. For multiple day chauffeur jobs, we provide special discounted rates. If your ready to hire a driver in Miami call us and we will answer any questions regarding our luxury chauffeur services. We strive to provide you with the best Range Rover chauffeur service in Miami at the lowest cost without compromise.


The lowest amount of time you can hire a Range Rover HSE in Miami with a driver is 4 hours. This is for four consecutive hours and can not be split into segments.