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BMW X6 Rental front

BMW X6 Rental Miami

Drive the all new BMW X6 in Miami this weekend. You can rent a BMW X6 in Miami Beach for just a day or drive around the entire week in style. The BMW is more stylish and has a more aggressive design than ever before. This sleek luxury SUV is a blast to drive and has plenty of room for your friends and family.This is a great BMW rental option in Miami. With sleek looks and BMW performance under the hood you will have an incredible luxury car rental experience in Miami.

BMW X6 Rental rear


The X6 is one of the most stylish BMW SUV rentals available in Miami. From the grill to the bold modern design this BMW is a real head turner. The rear slopping roof makes it look much sportier than the X5.The sleek laser headlights not only look good but they light up the streets of Miami at night. The newly designed aerodynamics on the X6 make it not only visually appealing but also add to the performance. The wide body design with it’s sleek features make it a top notch contender in it’s class. Drive one of the coolest BMW rental cars in Miami today. The body is longer and wider than previous models. Don’t just rent any car while your in Miami drive one of the best luxury SUV’s.


On the inside of the X6 everything is luxurious with premium leather seats. It has decent room inside for you and up to 4 additional passengers. Like with all of the other BMW rentals in Miami this car comes with dual displays. One is the dashboard that allows you to monitor your speed limit and all the other engine options and the other is for the infotainment system. The upgraded infotainment system allows you to adjust the settings to your liking. The navigation system is easy to control and makes navigating the streets of Miami easy.  It also allows you to control the media and other car functions with the touch screen display, voice commands or even gesture control.The premium sound system is top notch and apple car play connection allows you to play your favorite songs. It feels well built and provides a comfortable oasis for you and all of your friends.
BMW X6 Rental interior
BMW X6 Rental engine


The BMW X6 comes with a  4.4l twin-turbo V8 engine that packs 530 horses. This BMW rental moves with it’s 530 horsepower and has a nice sounding exhaust system. It also has a rear limited slip differential giving you better traction and more control. The X6 also comes with air suspension to allow you to lower or raise the car to your desired setting. You have 2 driving modes sports mode and comfort mode. Sports mode is much more exciting and provides for a thrilling driving experience. Overall the BMW X6 is a high performance SUV that can get you wherever you want to go in Miami quickly. It’s a fun SUV that feels great behind the wheel.










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If you need to rent a luxury SUV with room for 5 people then the X6 is a great option. You can rent a BMW X6 for a wedding, birthday or just to drive a nice luxury SUV while your in Miami. The BMW X6 has a decent amount of interior room and is a fun SUV with a nice design and good performance. This is the third generation of the X6 and has been upgraded with a great driving experience. With our Miami BMW rental program you can drive a different BMW every time your in Miami. Renting a BMW X6 in Miami is also a great way to test drive the car if you plan on buying one in the future. You won’t need to pay any delivery fees as we can deliver any one of our Miami BMW rentals to Miami Airport or anywhere in Miami including Miami Beach, South Beach, Doral, Brickell, Downtown, Midtown, and Wynwood.

The cost to rent a BMW X6 in Miami can vary between $595-$695 per day. There is also a $1,000 deposit required on the day of your rental. If you have any other questions regarding exact pricing or availability feel free to give us a call and we can help you out. We always aim to provide you with the best BMW rentals at the best price.

The least amount of time you can rent a BMW X6 in Miami is one day. We do not offer any BMW rentals for less than 24 hours. If you only need the car for a couple hours you can always return the car earlier than your required return time but will still be charged for the full day.