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Maserati Levante Rental Miami

Discover the new Maserati Levante the luxury SUV that wears the iconic trident logo. You can rent a Maserati Levante in Miami for a day, weekend or on a weekly basis. The Levante provides the ultimate combination of on-road performance with the ability to go off-road if required. This a stylish luxury SUV. The Levante was named after the Mediterranean wind that can change from calm to strong in an instant. Experience your favorite Maserati rentals in Miami today.

Maserati Levante Rental rear


Exhilarating performance, with the luxuries and comfort of a prestigious grand tourer. The Levante carries on the 100 year tradition of Maserati for making elegant looking sports cars.The signature Maserati grill gives this luxury SUV rental a unique touch of class.  Whether your dashing  across Miami Beach or picking up your friends at Miami Airport for a night out in the town the Levante is definitely a head turner. Even people who are not car enthusiast can tell that this is not a regular luxury SUV. Experience the Maserati Levante for yourself with our Miami luxury car rental services. The 20 inch wheels also add a nice touch of class to the exterior.


The interior in the Maserati is one of the nicest you’ll find. The Italian leather covering every corner and attention to detail in the wood trims makes it a very comfortable and pleasant driving experience. It has a bold and elegant feel to it. The comfortable ride is also due to the Skyhook suspensions adapts each individual shock to keep the ride as comfortable as possible even while traveling through harsh terrain aka Miami construction. The active air suspension also allows the car to be lowered to make it easier to enter and exit the car.The rich and well-appointed interior make it the perfect car to rent in Miami when you want to ride in luxury.
Maserati Levante Rental interior
Maserati Levante Rental engine


The Levante remain under perfect control no matter what gets in it’s way. Under the hood is a 3.8 liter 550-hp twin-turbo V8 engine. Combined with a sophisticated ZF eight-speed automatic transmission that modifies shift patterns depending on your driving habits. Nothing can awaken your spirit better than the sound of a Maserati roaring past. The quad tip exhaust creates a symphony of sounds when you step on the gas. The chassis is built with a very low center of gravity with nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution. The sharp aerodynamic body not only looks good but also helps keep the Maserati driving at it’s best. The Levante’s power terrain is a marvel of engineering and gives the driver total control. It also comes with a Q4 Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System that keeps all tires spinning at the same time for maximum traction and performance. Active air suspensions with Skyhook technology adapts itself to any road you might cross.




156 MPH






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About Miami Maserati Levante rentals

If your looking to rent a luxury SUV in Miami then the Levante is one of the top options. When your attending a wedding or celebrating your birthday in Miami you might want to check out this sweet ride. The Levante packs a unique balance of performance and luxury. Whether your celebrating an anniversary or need a nice set of wheels a Maserati Levante is waiting for you in Miami. Our Miami Maserati rental program allows you to drive a Maserati without any long term contracts. Another reason you might be renting a Levante in Miami is because you plan on buying the car. What better way to test drive the car then renting it for a week and making sure it’s what you want.

Now for one of the most important questions. How much does it cost? The daily cost to rent a Maserati Levante in Miami can vary between $595-$895 per day. We also require a security deposit of $3,000 on the day of your rental. If you have any other questions regarding our prices for exotic rentals in Miami feel free to give us a call or message us with our live chat. We can deliver your favorite Maserati to your hotel at Miami International Airport, Miami Beach, South Beach, Doral, Brickell, Downtown, Midtown, and Wynwood.

At the moment the least amount of time you can rent a Maserati Levante is 24 hours. This is a strict policy but we do have other options. If you just want to ride in a Maserati for a couple hours you can use our chauffeur services. With our luxury chauffeur services you can hire a Maserati Levante with a driver for 4 hours. This is the minimum amount of hours you can hire a chauffeur in Miami.