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McLaren Rental Los Angeles

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Drive your favorite Mclaren in Los Angeles this weekend. We can provide you with your favorite McLaren rental in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Choose from the new 720s Spyder, 570s Spyder or the 650s Spyder. Any one of these LA exotic car rentals will provide you with a thrilling and joyful experience. These high performance super cars have plenty of power and style to make your trip to Los Angeles, California an unforgettable one. You can rent a Mclaren in LA for a day or make it your ride for the entire weekend. We can deliver your favorite Mclaren to your Beverly Hills hotel, home, or Business for free. We also provide delivery to Los Angeles International Airport or anywhere in LA.

McLaren 650S Spyder rental


Los Angeles has beautiful weather and makes it one of the top places where you would want to rent a convertible McLaren. Just one glance at any of these McLaren rentals you can tell there’s something special about these cars. From the exotic styling to the powerful engines this is surely a go cart for adults. With it’s spaceship like styling you’ll definitely be in a unique super car. The design of both the exterior and interior make this a great exotic car rental to drive in LA. If your thinking of buying a McLaren why not rent one and test drive it for the whole week to make sure it’s what you want. Birthdays, Weddings, Corporate events are all reasons why you might need such a beautiful sports car.

So your ready to get behind the wheel of one of these spaceships but your probably wondering how much does it cost to rent a McLaren in LA. The cost to rent a McLaren in Los Angeles can range between $985-$1950 per day. You must also pay a refundable security deposit between $3,000 & $5,000 depending on your insurance coverage. The price to rent a McLaren also varies on the amount of days you choose to rent it for. Long term Mclaren rentals have a significant discount but would require 7 days or more. If your arriving at LAX Airport we can have your favorite Mclaren waiting for you when you land.

McLaren 720s Spyder
The new Mclaren 720s is the fastest and most exotic looking McLaren available for rent in LA. The spaceship design and powerful mid engine makes it a highly desirable option when it comes to super car rentals in Los Angeles. It’s a hard top convertible¬† so when the top is up it looks like a coupe but with one press of the button the roof magically disappears allowing you to hear the roar of the engine and soak in the marvelous LA weather. Drop the top and cruise down Rodeo Drive in one of the most exotic looking sports cars in LA. We highly recommend booking this car in advance due to it’s high popularity. Drive the flagship Mclaren 720s in LA the next time your in town.

McLaren 570s

The 570s is another popular exotic car rental in LA. The little brother to the 720s is still incredibly sexy and fun to drive.It’s also the cheapest McLaren rental in Los Angeles. Don’t let the affordable price fool you this is a super car that roars like a beast when you step on the gas. It also comes with the dihedral doors that open upward and make for a grand entrance and exit into the vehicle. Like all Mclaren rentals the 570s interior is elegantly crafted with high quality leathers and every piece of leather is sewn to perfection. Drive this beautiful Mclaren in Los Angeles California for a day or all week the choice is yours.

If your planning a big project and need a sexy super car in the background then when can provide you with your favorite McLaren to help you bring your creative images to life. A great way to promote your product is having a Mclaren in the back drop after all these are some of the best super cars on the planet. We work with both international photographers and locals to help you bring your project to life. No project is too small we would be happy to work with you to find the perfect McLaren for your shoot. We have worked with movie producers and ad agencies in the past to help them with any exotic car they need.Due to our partnerships with the best exotic car rental services in LA we can find you the perfect car for your vision.

If your a car enthusiast and want a super car to drive around with your new husband or wife then we can deliver your favorite Mclaren to your venue in LA. A unique car for a once in a lifetime experience. We promise to arrive on time with a clean and well maintained Mclaren ready for your enjoyment. We understand how special this day is to you and are more than happy to work with you to make your wedding an unforgettable one.