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McLaren 570s Spider Rental

McLaren 570s Spider Rental LA

There’s no doubt that the new McLaren 570s is one of the most attractive exotic rentals in Los Angeles.  The 570s provides thrilling performance and modern super car styling that is hard to beat. You can rent a McLaren 570s in LA this weekend and experience this beautiful convertible sports car for yourself. The 570s Spider comes from a company with a hertiage of producing high performance race cars with innovative engineering and design. A hard top convertible allows you to have the sleek roof lines of a coupe while still being able to drop the top in seconds with the push of a button. Experience a McLaren rental in LA for yourself.

McLaren 570s rental rear


The exterior design of the 570s takes inspiration from the legendary P1 race car. It’s not a P1 by any means but you can see similar design elements throughout the exterior. Anywhere the Mclaren 570s goes people stop and stare. It is truly a unique sports car and really distinguishes apart from all of the exotic car rental in Los Angeles. The 570s Spider was designed from the ground up sharing only 10% of the parts from the predecessor the 650s Spider. One of the features that are customer really love about the 570s Spider are the doors. Similar to a Lamborghini Aventador or a BMW i8 it’s doors open upward giving it a very cool look. It’s also a hard top convertible so you can raise the top during those cold LA nights and lower it for when your cruising down the pacific coast highway with the sun shining down.


The McLaren 570s can only sit 2 people but has a decent amount of space in the cabin. The interior is crafted from a carbon fiber tub that keeps the weight down and provides for a strong base. The 570s has a minimalist designed interior with a large telematic touch screen in the center. The LCD screen gives you full control over the media, climate controls and navigation settings. It also features a premium seven speakers audio system by Meridian that will make your favorite songs come to life. Inside the 570s you will find a Adaptive Dynamics Panel with several driving modes. Choose from Normal, Sport, and Track to tweak your driving experience to your desired level. When left in the normal mode the car drives like your average sports car. When you switch to sport it really makes the McLaren fun to drive by increasing the  throttle response. Track mode is not recommended because it disables the traction making it easier for you to lose control of the car.


McLaren 570s rental interior
McLaren 570s rental engine


The McLaren 570s sports a mid-engine design with a twin turbo V8 engine that is tuned to perfection. The fine tuned V8 provides an incredible 562 horse power and can take you from 0-60 n just 3.2 seconds. In order to take those sharp corners the 570s features independent double wishbone suspension, cross-linked hydraulic dampers, and a carbon fibre tub chassis. The steering is precise allows you to take corners with incredible precision. You have to remember that the McLaren is a company that is fairly new to the consumer market. They used to only build high performance race cars that competed in F1 races. The engine also makes an incredible rumble when you step on the gas that is like a symphony playing for any car enthusiast.




204 MPH






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McLaren has a long heritage of producing high end race cars like the Mclaren P1. The British car manufacturer has put a lot of it’s research and development in the McLaren 570s. So you can be sure when you rent a McLaren in Los Angeles you are driving a high performance sports car like no other. It’s aerodynamics are not only functional but look very sleek and exotic. Imagine yourself pulling up to a wedding or birthday in this stylish McLaren. We only work with the best exotic car rental agencies to provide you with the best McLaren rentals in Los Angeles. Rent a McLaren 570s and make your new year’s bash, prom night, corporate event or business meeting one that you will never forget.

The cost to drive around Los Angeles in a McLaren 570s is between $1195-$1395 per day. We also required you to leave a security deposit of $10,000 on the day of your rental. Depending on what insurance coverage you provide we can lower the deposit accordingly. We provide free delivery to LAX Airport or any area near Beverly Hills but if you are too far from the nearest McLaren rental location than you would also be charged a delivery fee of $2 per mile plus the cost of any tolls. Our goal is to always provide our customer with the best McLaren rentals in LA at the best price.

At the moment the least amount of time you can rent a McLaren in LA is 24 hours. If you only want to rent the car for an hour or two we can facilitate the rental but you will still be required to pay the fee for a 24 hours rental. McLaren rentals are in very high demand in Los Angeles so in order to give our customers the best quality service we must adhere to this policy. Even though we receive several request per day regarding hourly rentals unfortunately there are no exceptions.