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Rolls Royce Ghost rental Orlando

Rolls Royce Ghost Rental Orlando

Drive around Orlando in the ultimate luxury sedan. Rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in Orlando and experience the most luxurious sedan in the world. The new Rolls Royce Ghost is the most stylish and luxurious Ghost ever produced. From the iconic Rolls Royce grill to the star light headliner this is one luxury car rental you wont want to miss out on. Whether you choose to rent the Ghost for a day or drive it all weekend you will surly have an unforgettable experience riding in the Ghost.  Immerse yourself in luxury with an Orlando Rolls Royce rental.

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The Rolls Royce Ghost has an elegant exterior that is larger than most luxury sedans. The first thing you’ll notice when you see a Rolls Royce Ghost is the iconic backlit grill along with the spirit of ecstasy that is just behind it. Rolls Royce rentals offer many distinct features that you wont find in any other car brand like the rear hinged coach doors that open opposite to traditional doors. The style is similar to the previous versions but has been refined further for a more contemporary style. The new Ghost is now equipped with a full led lighting system in both the headlights and rear tail lights. This is one of the most beautiful Rolls Royce rentals available in Orlando and will provide you with an incredible amount of prestige as you drive around Orlando.


Step inside the new Ghost and explore a world of luxury. The Ghost can seat up to 5 passengers in a cocoon of opulence. There is plenty of room inside for you to sit back and relax even in the rear. The thick lambswool floor mats are just one of the extra touches you get when you rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in Orlando. It also comes with the famous star light headliner that brings the stars inside. The leather interior is hand stitched and uses the finest leather and quality materials inside. It is also one of the most quietest interiors in the world. Rolls Royce went above and beyond to make sure you are isolated from the road noise and outside sounds. There is sound proofing throughout the car and the windows are even thicker than traditional windows for added sound isolation.


rolls royce ghost rental car interior
Rolls Royce Ghost Rental engine


 The Ghost was not meant to be a high performance sedan but it still has a powerful 6.6-liter twin turbo V12 motor under the hood. Despite its size, the Ghost can get to 60 mph from a stand still in just 4.8 seconds.  The engine produces an impressive 563 horse power  and has a top speed of 155 mph. When you step on the gas the Ghost smoothly increases velocity without any jerking or violent motions. One of the main reasons you might want to rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in Orlando is the smooth ride. This elegant sedan has an advanced  suspension system that uses multiple cameras in the exterior that monitor road conditions and adjust the suspension to provide the smoothest ride possible. Rolls Royce calls it the magic carpet suspension and it feels like your floating on a cloud when you ride in the Ghost.




155 MPH






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About Orlando Rolls Royce Ghost rentals

The Rolls Royce Ghost is the most elegant and luxurious sedan in the world. If you want to rent a Rolls Royce sedan in Orlando the new Ghost is as good as it gets. It features the Rolls Royce star light headliner, iconic grill, rear hinged coach doors and a suspension system that is unparalleled by any other car. The aluminum body rides on an advanced air suspension system called the magic carpet ride which provides one of the smoothest and most rides in the world. It also features a premium sound system and the interior is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. If you want a luxury car like no other while traveling with your friends and family give us a call. We can have the Rolls Royce Ghost delivered right to your driveway in Orlando. You can rent a Rolls Royce Ghost in Orlando for a Wedding, Prom, Promotional Event, Corporate Event, Birthday o, Anniversary, or just to ride around Orlando with your family to visit all of the fun amusement parks.

The price per day to rent the Rolls Royce Ghost in Orlando starts from $1395 per day. During special events and holidays prices can be higher. There is also a security deposit required that is between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on what insurance you provide. For long term Rolls Royce rentals we have special discounted rates. Our goal is to provide you with the best Rolls Royce rentals in Orlando at an affordable rate. If you would like an exact quote for the days you require give us a call and we can give you a quote.

The least amount of time you can rent a Rolls Royce in Orlando is 24 hours. During holidays and when there is a high demand you may be required to reserve the car for 2 or 3 days. You can always schedule an early return if you don’t need the car for the full 24 hours but will still be required to pay for the full day.