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BMW X6 Rental front

BMW X6 Rental Orlando

The X6 is one of the most beautiful BMW rentals available in Orlando. When you rent a BMW X6 in Orlando your getting behind the wheel of a high quality luxury SUV that with plenty of space for you and your friends. The aggressive front end and muscular stance make it a fun and stylish SUV to drive around Orlando. With it’s unique shape and great performance you will surly have a fun time driving around in an X6. Experience the new BMW X6 in Orlando this weekend.

BMW X6 Rental rear


In the styling department the BMW X6 looks very sporty and athletic. The dramatic swooping roof line give it a coupe like feel and the wide body give it a muscular stance. The large front kidney grills give the X6 an aggressive look and they are also illuminated for an added touch of style. The body also features a set of vents on each side and although they are not functional in directing air they still add to the sports car like feel. The sleek led headlights and thin rear lights give the X6 a modern feel that you will surly enjoy. Rent a BMW X6 in Orlando and experience this luxury SUV with your friends and family.


The interior of the X6 is comfortable and inviting. It comes with a premium luxury interior and BMW’s signature X-drive system. The new X6 features a digital instrument cluster and also has a touch screen display in the center. The infotainment system is easy to use and also comes with carplay and android auto so you can pair your phone and have access to all of your favorite navigation and music apps. There is enough space for 5 passengers and the rear seating is quite roomy for a mid size sports SUV. It also has a knob in the center so you can control the medium center without having to extend your arm to control the touch screen display. Experience the luxury interior of the BMW X6 for yourself when you rent an X6 in Orlando.

BMW X6 Rental interior
BMW X6 Rental engine


The BMW X6 is not only nice to look at it has plenty of power to the wheels. Under the hood you’ll find a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 motor with 530 horse power ready for you to unleash. When you step on the gas you can hear the premium exhaust system come alive. The limited slip rear differential is another premium feature that offers you better traction and stability. The comfortable ride in the X6 is due to the air suspension and can be adjusted to lower or raise the car. There are two different driving modes you can choose from which are sports and comfort. Overall this is a fun BMW rental option for Orlando and you will surly have a great time riding around in the X6.










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About Orlando BMW X6 rentals

The third generation of the X6 is better than ever with a bolder look and more performance than ever before. The BMW X6 is a sporty SUV that combines style and performance like no other BMW rental in Orlando. It has a beautiful interior with enough seating for up to 5 people and is built with premium materials. Whether you live in Orlando and want to rent a nice car to take your friends out for a ride or are visiting one of the many theme parks with your family the X6 is a great luxury car rental option in Orlando. We can have the X6 delivered right to your driveway in Orlando whether it is to your house or hotel.

The cost to rent a BMW X6 in Orlando ranges from $595-$695 per day. You are also required to leave a $1,000 deposit prior to having the car delivered. If you would like an exact quote or have any additional questions regarding regarding price or availability give us a call. We are dedicated to finding you the best BMW rentals in Orlando at the most affordable price possible.

The lowest amount of time you can rent a BMW X6 in Orlando is 24 hours. There are no hourly rentals available for any of the BMW rentals we provide. If you don’t need the car for the entire day you can always return the car earlier but will still be billed for the full 24 hours.