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Tesla Model X Rental LA

The Tesla Model X is a premium all electric SUV like no other. Rent a Tesla Model X in Los Angeles and experience the gull wing rear doors and streamline design in person. If you’ve never driven a Tesla at least once your missing out on a unique luxury car rental experience. The large digital touch screen display is easy to use and very high quality. Discover a Tesla rental in Beverly Hills this weekend and explore the city in a futuristic ride like no other. You can rent a Model X in LA for a day, weekend, or on a weekly basis.

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The Tesla Model X exterior is simple and features a similar shape to the Porsche Cayenne Coupe and Mercedes GLS series. It is the best electric SUV in the world at the moment. The flush mounted doors and bubble like design make it look futuristic.  It features flush mounted door handles that pop up as you approach the car.   Experience one of the best Tesla rentals in Los Angeles this weekend. At the moment the version that is available is the P100D but we anticipate the new Model X Plaid version will be available shortly. Drive your favorite Tesla and drive around Beverly Hills in a car that was built by one of the most influential electric car manufactures of all time.


The Interior of the Model X is simple and provides plenty of space for p to 6 people. The leather interior is incredibly comfortable and have a contemporary feel. The Model X features a massive front wind shield that provides an incredible unobstructed view of your surroundings. Due to the fact that there is no gasoline engine in the front you have additional cargo space for all your belongings.  The Tesla Model S has plenty of room with a high ceiling and ample leg room for taller passengers. Lets be honest one of the coolest features of the Model X are the gull wing doors that open upward. Getting into the backseat of the car makes it feel like your going to another galaxy. Step inside one of the coolest exotic SUV’s in the world and rent a Tesla Model X today.

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There are several models of Tesla available for rent in Los Angeles. Each model provides a different level of performance and range. The newest 2022 model even comes with more horsepower than the Bugatti Veyron hyper car. With a 0-60 of just 2.5 seconds The Tesla Model X will soon be available for you to enjoy. Unlike some exotic looking SUV’s like the Lamborghini URUS the Model X does not appear like a super car from the exterior. It does however provide a thrilling experience.  One of the best features of the Model X is the regenerative braking that recharges the car as you slow down. It is something you might need to get accustomed to but it can also be disabled if you would like the traditional braking experience. Unlike traditional automobiles the use of air conditioning does not effect the performance of the motors.




155 MPH






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About LA Tesla Model X Rentals

With so many different exotic car rental options in Los Angeles it can be hard to decide what would be the best one. The Model X is an amazing choice and provides you with a fun driving experience. The smooth lines and contemporary design make it a very popular option. Some of the coolest features of the Model X are the gull wing doors and the fact that it’s fully electric. It also features also very spacious inside with a ton of room for all of your luggage. The best part about renting a Tesla is that we can arrange for it to be delivered to the door of your home or hotel anywhere in LA including Bel-Air Estates, Upper Laurel Canyon, Palos Verdes Estates, West Hollywood, Beverly Park, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills, Manhattan Beach, Hidden Hills, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood Park or even Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We make it easy to drive you favorite cars in LA anytime you get the urge.

The cost to rent a Tesla Model X in Los Angeles starts from $495 per day but cost will depend on the model that is available at the time. We also require a security deposit prior to delivering the car to you. We offer free delivery to Beverly Hills as well as Los Angeles international Airport. We also deliver anywhere in Los Angeles for an additional fee. The fee is usually around $2 per mile plus whatever the cost of tolls to get the car to your location. If you are ready to reserve a Tesla in LA and would like exact pricing for the dates you need the car give us a call. We always strive to provide you with the best Tesla rentals in Los Angeles at the lowest price possible.

The least amount of time you can rent a Tesla in Los Angeles is 24 hours. We also provide chauffeur services in the Model X with a four hour minimum. If you would just like to rent a Tesla for an hour or two you can but you would still be charged for the full day. These electric vehicles are in very high demand and there are no exceptions to the 24 hour minimum.