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TESLA MODEL 3 rental front

Tesla Model 3 Rental LA

The Tesla Model 3 is the an affordable Tesla rental for Beverly Hills. Rent a Tesla Model 3 and experience the cheapest electric sedan in Beverly Hills. The Tesla Model 3 has a similar design to the Model S but is smaller and more compact.The Model 3 long range package gives you 358 miles of range. It has plenty of space for you and your friends to ride in a stylish luxury vehicle. The Model S rental can be had for just a day or you can drive around LA all weekend in this beautiful sedan. For an entry level electric car the Model 3 has many of the same features you will find in higher end models.

TESLA MODEL 3 rental side


The Tesla Model 3 is a popular electric luxury sedan to rent in LA. It features a modern design similar to what is found in the model S. It has an all glass roof that allows you and your passengers to see your surroundings when traveling around Beverly Hills. The Model 3 comes with flush mounted doors for additional sleekness. When you get close to the car it unlocks and you push on the ride side in order to grab the handle. The minimalist design was made to provide the most aerodynamic capabilities which is why all of the Tesla models look fairly similar. Experience your favorite Tesla in Los Angeles the next time your in town. The design of the Tesla Model S has not changed much since it was released and continues to be extremlly popular.


The Interior of the Model 3 is simple and streamlined. The leather seats are extremely comfortable and you can fit up to 5 people. If you are traveling with 5 full adults the rear passengers may feel a little cramped. Like the model S the Model 3 uses high quality materials with an awesome build quality.The large LCD display in the center makes it easy to navigate around Beverly Hills like a local. It also features a good sound system so you can listen to your favorite songs. The Model has a good amount of head room and leg room inside. It features great viability and an overall nice design. There are hardly any physical buttons and most of the cars settings and features are accessed using the large center display. If you would like to charge your phone make sure to bring a USB C charger because all the ports use these.
TESLA MODEL 3 rental interior
TESLA MODEL S rental engine


The Model 3 long range package comes with dual motors and a extended long range capabilities. It comes with a dual motor setup that produces a total of 449 horse power. The Model 3 is fun to drive with plenty of torque and a 0-60 of just 4.2 seconds. For an entry level electric car that is very impressive. The instant torque and smart cruise control make it fun for long trips around Rodeo Drive. Experience the thrilling performance of this electric sedan and rent a Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles this weekend. If it’s your first time renting an electric car you will be surprised by how much torque and performance these cars provide.




148 MPH








A Tesla Model 3 rental can provide a fun and thrilling experience. They are sleek, easy to drive and have a ton of cool tech features. The large touch screen display makes it easy to navigate all of the cars features. If you’ve ever wanted to test drive a Tesla you can rent the Model 3 in LA for a weekend and see if it’s the right fit for you. The minimalist interior and cool exterior design will make for a fun trip in Los Angeles. We can even have your Tesla rental car delivered to the door of your home or hotel. We can deliver the Model 3 to Beverly Park, Redondo Beach, Hidden Hills, Rolling Hills, Bel-Air Estates, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Upper Laurel Canyon, Palos Verdes Estates, West Hollywood, Brentwood Park or even Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

The Tesla Model 3 is the least expensive electric car you can rent in Beverly Hills. The daily cost for a model 3 rental in Los Angeles starts at $299 per day. We also require a security deposit on the day we deliver the car. Our goal is to provide you with the best Tesla rentals in LA at the lowest price. If you want an exact quote for your desired rental period you can message us or call and we can answer any questions you might have.

One of the questions we frequently get asked is whether you can rent a Tesla for just an hour. You cannot rent a Tesla Model 3 in Los Angeles on an hourly basis. The least amount of time we offer rentals for is 24 hours. Once you start driving around LA in the Model 3 you’ll probally want to extend your rental anyhow.  If you just need the car for an hour or two for a promotional video or movie prop you can return the car earlier than 24 hours but will still be charged for the entire day.