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Range Rover HSE Rental front

Range Rover HSE Rental Vegas

The Range Rover HSE is a sleek luxury SUV with plenty of room for you and your friends to cruise through Vegas in style. You now have the option to rent a Range Rover HSE in Vegas and experience one of the most popular luxury SUV’s around. The HSE provides the perfect balance of off-road capabilities while being luxurious and capable in any terrain. What better way to experience Las Vegas then in the drivers seat of the flagship Range Rover. Drive your favorite Range Rover rental in Las Vegas the next time your in town.

Range Rover HSE Rental front


 If you’re heading to Vegas and want to drive a super luxurious SUV the HSE is a great option. The contemporary exterior has made the HSE one of the most stylish luxury SUV rentals in Vegas. The design is elegant and has smooth body panels and features LED lights in the front and rear. The exterior’s smooth lines and sleek wheels make it one of the most sought after SUV’s to rent on the Vegas strip. It also features an automatic ride height adjuster but you can lower or raise the car on demand. When the height adjuster is active the car lowers the SUV when you open the door to make it easier for you to get in and out of the vehicle.


The interior of the HSE is just as beautiful is the exterior. The spacious luxury interior can seat up to 5 people comfortably. It’s contemporary design and technologically advanced cabin make it a popular luxury SUV rental for Las Vegas. The leather seats are stitched to perfection and are very comfortable for longer trips down to the Grand Canyon. The modern interior features 3 digital displays that are crisp and easy to see. In the center console you’ll find 2 displays. The one in the top allows you to control most of the cars features including the navigation system. Under that screen is another touch screen display that allows you to control all of the cars climate systems. There are two manual knobs integrated into the display for a more tactile feel. Overall your going to love the style and fitness that comes with a Range Rover HSE rental.

Range Rover sport Rental interior
Range Rover HSE Rental engine


The Range Rover brand was made to fuse the off road vehicles Land Rover is known for with more luxurious features found in Vegas luxury car rentals. The HSE is very powerful with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that packs 557 horse power. It also features a premium suspension system that provides a smooth ride and handling on and off road. The HSE is smooth, comfortable and will surly provide you with a fun experience when traveling around the Vegas streets. It’s not mean to be a high performance SUV like the URUS but it still can out perform better than lot’s of SUV’s especially off road.




176 MPH






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About Vegas Range Rover HSE rentals

If your heading to Vegas with some friends and family and need a luxury SUV to ride around in style the Range Rover HSE is a premium car rental option. The HSE provides the perfect blend of interior room and off road capabilities to provide you with a smooth ride when driving around Vegas. Vegas has lot’s of beautiful places to explore whether your cruising down the Vegas strip or heading down to the Grand Canyon. The HSE is a luxury SUV rental that will make your Vegas vacation unforgettable. Rent a Range Rover HSE in Las Vegas and experience luxury like never before. We can have your favorite Range Rover delivered right to your hotel on the Vegas strip for free. We can also have the car waiting for you outside of Harry Reid International Airport so that your car is ready when you arrive.

The price for a day in the Range Rover HSE in Las Vegas ranges from $595-$895 per day depending on the model that is available. We also require a $1,000 security deposit. Delivery is free to Vegas Airport and any hotel on the Vegas strip as long as we have the car in Vegas at the time of your reservation. If we need to transport a Range Rover HSE from LA then you will be charged a round trip transport fee of $2000. If you would like an exact quote or would like us to check if the HSE is available for the days you will be in Las Vegas give us a call. We always aim to provide you with the best Range Rover rentals in Vegas at the lowest price possible.

The lowest amount of time you can rent a Range Rover HSE in Las Vegas is 24 hours. Some weekends may even require a 48 hour rental especially if we need to transport the car from LA. Due to the high demand regarding these luxury car rentals in Vegas we have a strict one day minimum. Some of the higher end luxury car rentals are available for 4 hour rentals.