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Porsche Taycan Rental front

Porsche Taycan Rental Vegas

The Taycan is the sleek new Porsche sedan that is all electric and has performance like never seen before. The striking futuristic appearance makes it a highly sought after Porsche rental for Las Vegas. The modern design features smooth body lines and it also has a comfortable luxury interior that matches the exterior perfectly. You can rent a Porsche Taycan in Vegas for the weekend and experience an electric Porsche for yourself. The Taycan needs to be delivered from LA and we can have it delivered right to your hotel on the Vegas strip. The electric Porsche sedan Taycan provides incredible performance and will surly make your trip to Nevada unforgettable.

Porsche Taycan Rental rear


The first thing you’ll notice when you first see the Taycan in person is it’s sleek design. It looks similar to a Porsche Panamera but with a more exotic feel. In The front fascia features four point led headlights that appear to be floating inside of the glass headlight housing. It still keeps with the traditional Porsche design language but takes it to a whole new level.  The front bumper also includes vertical air intakes to further enhance the style and aerodynamic. The vents increase performance by channeling air through the fender. In the rear you will see the familiar seamless light strip that makes a nice addition to the modern appeal. The door handles like with all new Porsche rentals are flushed into the body for a smooth uninterrupted side profile. The Taycan rides on 19-inch wheels and comes with an adaptive air suspension that lowers the car for maximum traction.


The Porsche Taycan interior has a lot of the design features that you are they are known for. The Taycan is a 4 seater luxury sedan with a host of technological features. The Taycan has a variety of high resolution displays inside. The first screen you’ll notice when you step in the drivers seat is the new Porsche Advanced Cockpit that sports a 16.8-inch Curved instrument cluster display. The second display is a 10.9 inches display in the center of the dash. The third screen is an 8.4 inch touch screen display that controls all of the cars settings like the climate system, battery level, and vehicle suspension settings. The sound system is a 14-speaker setup with Bose technology for superb listening quality. The premium sound system also integrates with Apple car play so you can connect your phone and have instant access to all of your favorite play list and navigation apps. 

Porsche Taycan Rental interior
Porsche Taycan Rental engine


The Taycan has an incredible amount of performance and power. The combination of the two motors provide a whooping 522-hp. It has one motor for each axle giving it four wheel drive capability for maximum control. The batteries are mounted on the floor which provides more of a balanced platform for increased stability and handling. The Porsche Taycan also has a good amount of range of anywhere from 198 to 226 miles depending on how aggressive you drive. The Taycan is a fun car to drive and is the first electric Porsche rental option. One of the coolest features about electric exotic car rentals is they provide instant power as you soon as you step on the accelerator. The Taycan also comes with a variety of safety features such as forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. Experience one of the most unique Porsche rentals this weekend in Las Vegas and feel the performance of the Taycan for yourself.




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About Vegas Porsche Taycan rentals

The Porsche Taycan is marvel in engineering produced by a company that has a heritage of creating high performance sports cars.The combination of exotic styling, luxury interior, and incredible performance make it a great exotic car rental option for riding around the Vegas strip. The Taycan has enough room for four people and is a fun car to drive. If you want a nice set of wheels to cruise the Vegas strip or even take a trip down to the Grand Canyon the Porsche Taycan is a superb option. We can have a Porsche Taycan delivered right to the door step of your hotel on the Vegas strip or any part of Nevada.

The cost to rent a Porsche Taycan in Vegas for a day starts from $699. There is also a transport fee to deliver the car from LA that is $2000 round trip or $1000 if you plan on driving the car back to LA. We also require a $5,000 security deposit before the car leaves LA. If you would like an exact quote for the days you need the car give us a call. We strive to find you the best Porsche rentals for Las Vegas at the best price possible.

The lowest amount of time you can rent a Porsche Taycan in Vegas is 48 hours due to all of the logistics of getting the car delivered to Vegas. If you have a special request for an event give us a call and we will work with you to try to accommodate your request.