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Rolls Royce Ghost rental front

Rolls Royce Ghost Chauffeur Vegas

Get ready to experience the time of your life as you live your dream of getting chauffeured in a Rolls Royce.  Instead of just using a regular hourly limo service you can rent a Rolls Royce Ghost instead. Hiring a private driver in Las Vegas allows you to relax and enjoy your trip while one of our professional drivers drives you around the Las Vegas strip. If you have ever dreamed of arriving at a venue in the back seat of a Rolls Royce Ghost we can make it happen. The best thing about the Ghost rental is the combination of it’s timeless design and luxury elements to create a handcrafted bespoke motor car that sets itself apart from the rest.

Rolls Royce Ghost rental rear


The Ghost is the most elegant car you can rent with a driver on the Vegas strip.It is one of the most luxurious cars in the world second to only the Rolls Royce Phantom. From the majestic spirit of ecstasy that rides proudly up front to the iconic grill that is a symbol of pure elegance. The new Ghost even has a light inside the grill to showcase the design and bring a little more life to the front of the car. There is nothing like arriving at your next event in a Rolls Royce chauffeur. The Ghost is a large luxury sedan that is longer then most SUV’s. It’s massive presence makes it one of the most sought after luxury chauffeur options for Las Vegas. Imagine being picked up outside of your hotel on the Vegas strip and taken for a ride around Vegas in the back seat of this incredible luxury car.



Take your Vegas vacation to the next level when you hire a Rolls Royce with a driver. The interior of the Rolls Royce Ghost is spectacular is created with the best of the best. Every inch of the interior is hand assembled and crafted with the utmost attention to detail. The book matched wood veneers and premium leather used inside make this one of the most luxurious vehicles in the world to travel in. The Ghost also comes with a premium sound system so you can ask the driver to play your favorite songs while getting driven around the Vegas strip. Depending on the model available at the time of your chauffeur there will be space for 4 or 3 passengers. One option is the 2 seats in the back with the center console and the other is a bench seat that can sit 3. The inside of the Ghost is one of the most quietest places to be. When you have the windows up you will be isolated from any noises and travel in the upmost comfort.

Rolls Royce Ghost rental interior
Rolls Royce Ghost Rental engine


The combination of the air ride suspension and the soundproofing materials make the Ghost feel like its floating through the air. The Ghost has special sensors throughout the exterior that monitor the road and adjust the suspension settings depending on the road conditions. The suspension is also linked to the navigation system so that it can adjust the suspension when you are going through turns for minimum body movement. Any of the Rolls Royce chauffeur options will provide the same level of quality. They provide the smoothest ride of any luxury vehicle. Overall the ride performance of a Rolls Royce is one of the top reasons you might want to experience a chauffeured Rolls Royce for yourself. The ultimate Rolls Royce car service in Las Vegas for you to enjoy.


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About Vegas Rolls Royce Ghost Chauffeurs

There are plenty of reasons to take advantage our Rolls Royce Ghost Chauffeur services in Vegas this weekend. A luxury Rolls Royce chauffeur offers a much more extravagant experience than a regular limo rental. Rolls Royce Ghost rentals in Vegas with a driver are popular for bachelor parties, corporate events, birthdays, bachelor parties and weddings. We are happy to provide you with the highest level of customer service and support during your ride as well as after. Using our Vegas Rolls Royce ghost chauffeur services is the most luxurious way to explore the Vegas strip. Enjoy a world of luxury as you travel around Las Vegas in the back seat of a Rolls Royce Ghost. It’s a great gift to treat your significant other or even take your newlywed friend on a surprise ride around Vegas. If your celebrating an anniversary we can take you and your loved for a ride in one of the most luxurious sedans in the world. Our professional chauffeur’s will open the rear hinged doors so you can get inside and have the ultimate luxury experience in a Rolls Royce. Have a luxury chauffeur waiting for you outside of your Vegas hotel with just a phone call. We can also have the Rolls Royce Ghost with a driver waiting for you at Harry Reid International Airport if you prefer to be picked up at Vegas Airport and taken to your hotel.


The cost to rent a Ghost in Vegas with a driver starts at $499 per hour. Prices can be slightly higher during conferences or during special events where there is a higher demand. This does not include taxes, gratuity and fuel surcharges. If you need to hire a Rolls Royce Chauffeur for extended periods of time or for multiple day rentals give us a call and we can provide you with discounted rates. We aim to provide you with the best Rolls Royce chauffeur service in Las Vegas at the best price possible.

Like with all of out luxury chauffeur services available in Vegas there is a four hour minimum. You can hire a Rolls Royce Ghost in Las Vegas with a driver for four hours or more. That is the least amount of time you car hire a Rolls Royce with a driver in Vegas. If you just need an airport transport to your hotel we cannot provide the service unless you would like us to wait outside of your hotel and wait for you the remaining time.