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Mercedes G63 G Wagon Rental Houston

 When it comes to G Wagon rentals in Houston the AMG G63 is one of the most popular. The Mercedes G-Class AMG model takes everything you love about the standard model and then takes it up a notch. Explore Houston in one of the best Mercedes rentals there is. The G63 is luxurious, spacious, and has a powerful engine under the hood to not only get you to your destination in comfort but in an iconic SUV that stands out among the rest.

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The design of the G63 has stood the test of time. It has a simple design similar to the original military vehicle but has become an iconic SUV in the automotive world. It’s rugged and touch look has made it one of the most popular Mercedes rentals in Houston. It has had a similar design since 2002. One of the only differences in the exterior when compared to the standard G wagon models is the AMG wheels. These beautiful wheels set this luxury SUV apart from the G550. It also has some other minor additions like the AMG badge in the rear. The grill is also different in the G63 with vertical bars instead of the horizontal ones.


The interior is one of the areas where the G63 really shines. Imagine having a fully loaded G550 and then adding some extra touches of luxury to set it apart. The spacious interior has enough room for 5 people and the seats have a special design that comes standard in the G63. Of course you have the massive dual LED screens in the front so you can clearly see where your going and select from your favorite songs. There are also some other minor changes but the interior style remains fairly similar. The premium audio system sounds awesome and can be connected using Carplay or Android Auto so you can take your favorite songs along for the ride.

Mercedes G63 G Wagon Rental interior
Mercedes G63 rental engine


Where the G63 really stands out is with it’s fine tuned handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 bi-turbo engine. The AMG G3 is incredibly powerful engine packs 577 horsepower and has a 0-60 time of just 4.5 seconds. It also has a special AMG speed shift TCT transmission to provide faster shifts and handle the extra power. It has more power than ever and sounds incredible when you step on the gas. AMG developed the new G63 with more power and incredible performance. It is something you have to experience for yourself to really appreciate it’s performance.




174 MPH






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The G63 is hand built and stands out compared to any other luxury SUV rental in Houston. It is built in Austria for Mercedes Benz and remains one of the most sought after luxury SUV models in the world.If your coming to Houston and want to experience one of the best Mercedes SUV rentals of all time the G63 is it. One of the best things of the G63 is the power but it also has incredible amount of interior space in the luxury cabin. Even when you open and close the doors you can tell you are in a solid built SUV. The Mercedes G63 can concur any obstacle thrown it’s way. These luxury SUV models are extremely hard to find so if we have one available you should definitely reserve it in advance.We can even have the car delivered right to your driveway in Houston.


The cost to rent a Mercedes G Wagon in Houston ranges anywhere from $990-$1595 per day. It all depends on the year of the model that is available. You are also required to leave a security deposit on the day of your rental that can range from $5,000-$10,000. We strive to provide you with the best Mercedes rentals in Houston at the best price possible. If you would like to get an exact quote on this specific car please give us a call and we can check availability and go over the details with you.

These luxury SUV models are very rare so if we do have one available then you will be required to reserve it for at least two days. During slow seasons we might be able to get you the car for 24 hours only but that would be the bare minimum. You can always bring the car back earlier but will be required to pay for the full 24 hours. There is also the possibility of being chauffeured in the G63 with our Houston luxury chauffeur services that only require a 4 hour minimum.