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Mercedes G550 G Wagon Rental front

Mercedes G550 G Wagon Rental Houston

The Mercedes G wagon rental in Houston is one of the most popular luxury car services around. The timeless design of the g550 has made it one of the most coveted SUV’s. If your looking to rent a Mercedes SUV in Houston then the G550 will surly be one of the top options on your radar. The new g550 has an incredible amount of interior space and the cabin is luxurious and full of technology. This rugged SUV can handle anything you throw at it and has become a favorite among celebrities and athletes.

Mercedes G550 G Wagon Rental side


The design of the G-Class has not changed much over the 34 years that it has been around. The timeless design was originally used for military which is probably one of the reasons it is known to be one of the most rugged SUV’s around. The large box exterior design has evolved over the years while remaining true to it’s original design. The new G550 looks more muscular than ever giving you a rugged SUV to ride around Houston with your friends and family. Discover the stylish Mercedes G-Class SUV this weekend when you rent a G wagon in Houston this weekend.


One of the best parts of renting a G550 in Houston is the exploring the interior. Inside the G Wagon, it feels like a luxury oasis. Unlike the ruggedness of the exterior the interior is covered in leather and feels like a luxury yacht. The best part about it is the high ceilings which give you an incredible amount of space.This is probably one of the main reasons that athletes love to rent the G wagon while in Houston.The seats and interior is draped with high quality Nappa leather and is stitched to perfection. It also has all of the creature comforts you would expect from a Mercedes SUV like 10-way power seats and a Harman Kardon sound system with 12 speakers throughout the cabin.

Mercedes G550 G Wagon Rental interior
Mercedes G550 G Wagon Rental engine


This is not a performance SUV but it does still have an incredible 4.0L Bi-turbo engine that packs an respectable 416 horse power under the hood. The G-wagon can go from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds a whole .2 seconds faster than the previous model. The finely tuned V8 is so finely tuned that it allows for the V engine to allow for the largest performing engine to fit inside the bay. Where it really excels is in it’s ride performance. The g550 has a 4 wheel drive system allow you to overcome any obstacles or rugged terrain that gets in your path. 




130 MPH






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The G550 is one of the most requested luxury SUV’s options in Houston. It’s large and in charge the way Texans love it. From the rugged exterior to the refined luxury interior this is a great choice for riding around Houston with your friends and family. It also makes for a great car to rent for a wedding or to celebrate your next birthday.The G550 is rugged and refined SUV that will surly provide you with a fun experience while visiting Houston. We can even have the car delivered right to your home or hotel in Houston. Drive one of the most popular luxury SUV rentals in Houston and experience this incredible SUV for yourself.

The price to rent a G550 in Houston for the day starts from $495. Depending on which model is available and the year and condition of the car prices can vary. There is also a security deposit of $2,500-$5,000 required on the day of your rental. We also have special discounted rates for for long-term Mercedes rentals.If you prefer to use our luxury chauffeur services you can reserve the G-Class with a driver. The hourly chauffeur rates in the g wagon start from $399 per hour and require a 4 hour minimum. We strive to provide you with the best Mercedes rentals in Houston at the most affordable price possible.

If you are looking to rent a G wagon to drive it yourself the least amount of time you can rent one is 24 hours. If you only need the car for a couple of hours we can arrange an early pickup but you will still need to pay for the full day. We do have hourly luxury chauffeurs that only require 4 hours. This would provide you with the G wagon and a driver that will take you wherever you would like to go in Houston.