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Mercedes AMG GT Rental side

Mercedes AMG GT Rental Houston

The Mercedes AMG GT is a luxurious and high performance Mercedes. You can rent a Mercedes AMG GT in Houston and experience the flagship model in the Mercedes sports car lineup.This a a performance full sized exotic car with a comfortable interior that can be adjusted for the ultimate comfort. Any Mercedes with an AMG badge is built to perfection but the AMG GT is a special car that is great for riding around Houston in style. AMG has the best engineers working to make the best Mercedes vehicles.

Mercedes AMG GT Rental rear


 The Mercedes AMG GT coupe comes with a bold front end with large Mercedes AMG grill in the front. The rounded design makes it look like a little spaceship instead of an exotic car. The body panels are formed from a high-strength, lightweight core.The sleek shape looks elegant paying homage to the Mercedes of the past. The AMG GT stands out among other exotics with it’s subtle design that does not have the flashiness of some other exotics. The aerodynamics of the car help aid in performance.  It provides a nice blend of luxury and performance and will make a great ride to get around Houston.This new model has the most elegant design and has some stylish alloy wheels that compliment the design.


 The AMG GT has a beautiful interior as do all of the Mercedes rentals available. The seats are comfortable and covered in leather. In the center you’ll find a large 12.3 inch display that shows you maps and media settings. It has 2 seats that are large and very comfortable with plenty of leg room for taller drivers. The leather interior feels solid with perfect stitching on the seats a is also quiet. For the ultimate sound experience there is a10-speaker Burmester sound system. You can connect your phone to the infotainment system to safely pickup calls or listen to your favorite artist you have saved on your phone.

Mercedes AMG GT Rental interior
Mercedes AMG GT Rental engine


Under the large hood of the GT sits a powerful AMG 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine that produces a total of 523 horse power. The power of the AMG GT can take you from 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. That V8 motor roars to life when you step on the gas the rumbling sounds will put a smile on your face as you take off. The GT also uses a space age frame that is made from a special stamped aluminum that adds stiffness to the car without adding additional weight. Overall this is a fun Mercedes rental option to cruise around Houston with plenty of power and a luxurious interior.





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This is one of the best Houston Mercedes rentals because it has all of the luxury you expect with Mercedes but with a beast of an engine under the hood. The stylish design and powerful motor make it a fun car rental option in Houston, Every time you step on the gas you can hear the powerful engine roaring under the hood. This is a nice car that is a happy medium between an exotic car like a Lamborghini and a luxury sedan like the S-Class. Whether your looking to celebrate a special event or want to just spoil yourself for the weekend we can help. Give us a call today and we can have this beautiful Mercedes sports car delivered right to your driveway in Houston.

The cost to rent a Mercedes AMG GT in Houston starts from $549 per day. There is also a $5,000 security deposit that is required on the day of your rental. Our mission is to put you in the drivers seat of the best Mercedes rentals in Houston at the best price available. If you know the day or days you would like to rent the car for give us a call and we can give you an exact quote.

The lowest amount of time you can reserve a Mercedes AMG GT in Houston is one full day. That is 24 hours with the GT for your to enjoy. If you need to return the car earlier you have the option but will still be charged the full day. This also applies to all of the other exotic and luxury car rentals available in Houston.