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Maybach S600 Rental front

Maybach S600 Rental NY

Experience pure luxury behind the wheel of a Maybach rental in NYC. Rent a Maybach in New York today and you’ll be nestled into the most legendary luxury car Mercedes has available. Unlike any other luxury car rental experience, this is the top of the line Mercedes-Benz. Don’t just show up to your next big event, arrive in style.  Enjoy the most luxurious Mercedes-Benz has to offer with this stunning luxury rental car. Our goal is to provide an effortless car rental experience.

Maybach S600 Rental rear


At first glance, you might think this is just a regular S-Class but it is far from it. For starters, the Maybach S600 has been extended by 8 inches giving the rear passengers even more space to stretch out their legs and relax. Just in case you can’t tell the difference the Maybach logo is proudly displayed next to the rear door pillar. It comes with premium 20″ wheels that are exclusive to the Maybach brand. Besides these things the exterior is very similar to the S550 and S560 sedans. Experience luxury like never before when you rent a Maybach in NYC today. When compared to other Mercedes rentals the exterior has only subtle differences but the interior is whole different ball game.


Equipped with the finest leather, polished woods, and up-to-date technological gadgets, the interior feels more like a first class flight than a luxury rental car.It can only seat 4 due to the center console that goes all the way to the rear. The back is where you want to sit in the Maybach S600 because it features reclinable seats with feet rest that pop out from under you with the press of a button. The bespoke seats are not only  reclinable but also have built in massagers to give you a little spa experience before you get to the spa. Also standard in the Maybach is the 3-D surround sound system which immerses passengers in an orchestra of sounds. The Maybach S600 has all the features of the S550 like the dual digital displays and premium sound system but with some added features to make the experience that much more luxurious. 

Maybach S600 Rental interior
Maybach S600 Rental engine


Don’t let the elegant lines of this luxury sedan fool you. Under the hood is a six-liter, V-12, 523-horsepower engine, and a seven-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. With the power to zoom from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just five seconds, the ride is surprisingly silent, smooth, and elegant. Another unique cool quirk not found in any other Mercedes
rental is the unique suspension system called Magic Body Control that
scans the road ahead adjusting itself to whatever road condition you
might encounter. Rent a Maybach s600 in New York today and see for yourself why this is the best luxury sedan Mercedes has to offer.




155 MPH






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About NYC Maybach S600 rentals

If you would like to rent a luxury sedan the Maybach S600 is one our customers favorite. The S600 takes the already luxurious S-Class to a whole new level. This Maybach S600 is stretched out and provides a center console in the rear. It gives rear passengers extra room to stretch their legs and also has a massage feature included. It’s a great car to rent for a wedding, birthday, prom, anniversary or corporate event. Why settle for anything but the best when choosing your travel arrangements for your next big event in New York. The Maybach provides next level comfort and is a beautiful luxury car rental to experience. Once you experience a Maybach all other rental cars feel inadequate. We can deliver a Maybach rental to anywhere in NYC including Greenwich, New Canaan, Long Island, Rumson, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Montauk, Southampton Beach or New Jersey. We can also provide drop-off services at John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport or your hotel upon request.

The cost to rent a Maybach in New York can vary based on the time of year and availability. The average price can range between $1,495 and $1995 per day. Delivery to New York City is usually around $100 each way. Included in your Maybach rental is 100 miles and each additional mile after that will be $2.95.  Drive One of the exclusive and luxurious Mercedes Maybach Vehicles ever produced. If you prefer to be driven we also provide Maybach Chauffer services in NYC. The chauffeur service is a popular choice for Weddings and Prom rental. Whatever option you choose we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

The least amount of time you can rent a Maybach in New York is one day. So if you would like to get behind the wheel of the Maybach S600 you would be required to rent the car for at least 24 hours. We do provide luxury chauffeur services in the Maybach. If you hire a Maybach with a driver in New York there is a four hour minimum. If you rent the Maybach and you only need it for a couple hours you can always bring the car back earlier but you will still be billed for the full 24 hours.