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bmw 440i rental side

BMW 440i Convertible Rental Miami

If your looking to rent a BMW convertible rental that won’t break the bank the 440i is a great choice. You can rent a 440i convertible in Miami for as long as you need. The newly redsigned front end gives it an aggresive look and is also packed with performance. Combined with a driver oriented sports car interior it will surely provide a premium car rental experience in Miami. The soft top convertible provide a more luxurious experience than previous models while still keep the cabin quiet from road noise when the top is up.

bmw 440i rental rear


The new front grill is the first thing you’ll notice on the new BMW 4-series convertible. It has an active shutter system that opens and closes to provide more airflow to the engine when needed. The the lower roof line in the 4-series gives it fast back styling with a smooth and fast look even while parked. Changed from previous models it’s also has a soft top that makes it 40% lighter than prior hard top convertible models. You can raise or lower the top in just 18 seconds even at speeds of up to 30 mph. It has a similar appearance to the 8-series just scaled down a bit. The 18-inch M Sport wheels are sleek and further refined. Overall it’s an impressive car and a great choice if your shopping for an exotic car rental in Miami.


The BMW 440i has 4 seats so you can bring your friends along for the ride. The legendary design of the 440i give it more room than the 3-series while providing similar styling. Although the rear seats have more room than before it is still a tight fit so you won’t want to go on long trip with people in the back. There is not a lot of trunk space due to the convertible top but you can always fit some luggage on the rear seats as long as your careful. The 440i comes with BMW’s iDrive 7 infotainment software and a 12.3-inch digital dashboard with a 10.3-inch touch screen infotainment screen giving you all the info you need while driving down Miami Beach. Like with all of the BMW rentals in Miami you’ll be able to connect your phone with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto giving you access to all your favorite apps and music.
bmw 440i rental interior
bmw 440i rental engine


Under the hood of the 440i is a turbocharged inline six cylinder engine with a 48-volt hybrid system that gives you 382 horse power. The extra 48 volt system gives you extra power while the turbo spins up. The suspension has also been re tuned to provide increased driving performance when taking corners. The powerful engine is combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission giving you quick shifts through all the gears. It’s also all wheel drive keeping the tires on the ground even while taking corners a higher speeds. This might not have as much performance as the new M4 but looks similar and is much less expensive.




155 MPH






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The 440i is an entry level BMW that provides for a fun and sporty rental car in Miami. The low cost allows you to rent the BMW 4-series for a longer period without draining your bank account. Its a well built car with beautiful styling and a convertible top. You can rent a 440i if your visiting Miami and want a premium car rental. Our BMW rental program allows you to experience your favorite BMW for as long as you need it. It’s a great car for couples celebrating an anniversary in Miami or even a great car for weddings. There’s many reason why you might want to rent a BMW in Miami and were always here to help you choose the perfect car for your trip. We can even have this BMW rental delivered for free to your home or hotel in Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, South Beach, Doral, Brickell, Downtown, Midtown, and Wynwood.

The cost to rent a BMW 440i in Miami starts at just $395 per day. There is also a $1000 deposit required on the day of your rental. You won’t have to pay any additional delivery fees. We can deliver your favorite BMW for free to Miami Airport, Miami Beach or anywhere in Miami for that matter. If you have any other questions regarding pricing or avalability feel free to give us a call. Were always here to help.

We do not. The least amount of time you can rent a BMW 440i convertible in Miami is one full day. This means you’ll have 24 hours with the car to enjoy as you please. If you need to bring the car back earlier that’s not a problem but you will still be billed for the full 24 hours. There are no exceptions to this rule because these cars are in such high demand and we have limited models available.