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Audi Rental Miami

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Audi makes some of the most luxurious and sporty cars in the market. You can rent an Audi in Miami today for a day, weekend, or even on a weekly basis. From high end sports cars to luxury SUV’s there is an Audi rental for every occasion. Exotic styling features and unmatched handling performance make them a popular choice for exotic car rental in Miami. There’s nothing like cruising the streets of Miami Beach or South Beach in an exotic car like the R8 or a luxury SUV like the Q8. If your ready to take your vacation to Miami to the next level give us a call. Explore your favorite Audi rentals in Miami today with Diamond Exotic Rentals. Our goal is to provide our customers with a pleasant car rental experience and the best Audi rentals available in Miami.

Audi R8 roadster rental
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Audi makes a wide variety of vehicles that can accommodate any type of adventure. Don’t just visit Miami do it in style with an Audi R8 Spyder or an Audi S8 SUV. These might not be the most exclusive high end exotic cars in the world compared to some of the other cars we offer but are well built, luxurious, and very comfortable to drive. Regardless of the model you choose you can be sure that you will be driving a premium car rental. Drive your dream Audi in Miami for a day or experience your favorite Audi rental for the entire month. f you don’t want to spend too much but still want to drive a quality German sports car or SUV then Audi is a great choice. Some of the Lamborghini rentals we offer also share the same engine as the Audi. For example the Audi R8 Spyder uses the same engine found in the Lamborghni Huracan.

The cost to rent an Audi in Miami ranges from $300-$9,995 per day depending on the model you choose to reserve. There is also a deposit required that is between $1,000 and $5,000 and is returned in full as long as your Audi rental is returned with no damage. There is no charge for delivery so you won’t need to pay any additional delivery fees, We can have your favorite Audi delivered free to anywhere in Miami Beach, South Beach, Miami Airport and the surrounding areas. Audi rentals in Miami are cheaper than most cars in there class while still providing a premium rental car option.

Audi r8 Spyder

Have you ever dreamed of driving the Audi R8? You can rent the new Audi R8 Spyder today and see for yourself why everyone loves the R8. The R8 Spyder is one of our most requested Audi rentals in Miami. Equipped with a V10 602 hp V10 engine the R8 Spyder rental will shatter your performance expectations. Step on the gas and the R8 Spyder comes alive with a symphony of motor sounds that are music to any car enthusiast ears. Coming from a heritage of high-performance sports cars this Audi can go from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds. The unique all-wheel-drive system allows you to switch the R8 Spyder from all wheel drive to rear wheel drive and back. Using a proprietary electronically controlled hydraulic multi-plate clutch the Audi drive select system allows you to customize the car to suite your driving preference.

Audi Q8

The Q8 is the most popular Audi SUV in the lineup. It’s based on the same platform as the Q7 but a little sportier. The Q8 has plenty of performance under the hood due to a turbo charged V6 that produces 335 horsepower. The Q8 has a smooth refined body designed that appears similar to a Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes GLE. The interior is very comfortable and has the cool digital dashboard. It has 3 massive screens inside so that you can control all the cool features like the navigation system, media, and temperature controls.

We do not provide hourly Audi rentals in Miami but you can use our Audi luxury chauffeur service that provides for a driver to take you around Miami in a stylish Audi Q8. The minimum for chauffeur is 4 hours. For rentals the minimum is 24 hours. The cost is roughly the same but if you want to drive the car there is a one day minimum. You can always return the car early but will still be charged the full day.