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Tesla Model S Rental Vegas

Ready to experience the best luxury electric car in the world? The Tesla Model S is a beautiful luxury sedan loading with the latest features and technology. You can rent a Tesla in Vegas for your next adventure around the Vegas strip. The Model S is the flagship electric luxury sedan in Tesla’s lineup. It has incredible performance and a comfortable cabin for up to 5 people to stroll around Las Vegas in style. The stylish luxury sedan rental car will provide you with a fun Eco-friendly ride to explore Vegas like never before. Our Tesla rental service has become increasingly popular in Vegas and is available anytime you need it.

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The Tesla Model S has a sleek streamlined design that was created by y Franz von Holzhausen. The design is not only for looks it helps the Model S cut through the wind in order to provide the best aerodynamics for optimum range on the batteries. The door handles are even flush with the body so there are no restricting elements. As you approach the vehicle they pop out and once you get inside they are retracted back into the vehicle. The futuristic styling and alloy wheels make it a great option if you want to cruise around Vegas in style. The Model S is the most popular electric luxury sedan to rent in Vegas. If you want to experience a fully electric car that is also very visually appealing then the Model S is a great choice.


The cabin of the Tesla Model S is minimalist and modern. It has enough seating for 5 people and has one of the most tech savvy interiors in the biz. Premium leather adorns the seats and some of the interior panels. The seats are very comfortable for long trips down to the Grand Canyon. Due to the way it was designed there is an incredible amount of headroom and legroom for you to enjoy your Vegas adventure in a comfortable way. It has a solid build quality and you can tell your in a premium luxury car rental when you step inside. One of the things that Tesla’s are known for are the massive center displays. The Model S display is easy to navigate and very responsive. The pixels are picture perfect and make it easy to navigate around Vegas like a local.  The premium sound system lets you enjoy your favorite songs in high quality.

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The Model S is no slouch when it comes to performance. Due to it’s all electric nature it gives you instant power when you step on the gas. Some models like the Model S plaid even have similar performance to super cars from Bugatti and Ferrari. The Tesla Model S is a fun car to drive around Vegas. It also has regenerative braking which automatically engages when you release the pedal. The regenerative braking option helps give you some extra juice for a little more range. This feature can also be turned off if you prefer a more traditional braking experience. The best part of the Model S is that it is extremely quiet. The lack of a petrol engine gives the Model S a quite ride even at full throttle. Experience one of the coolest electric exotic car rentals in Vegas.




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About Vegas Tesla Model S rentals

The Tesla Model S is a fun luxury sedan to drive. The all electric motors provide a unique driving experience. The cabin is quiet and extremely comfortable. The large and luxurious cabin and host of technologically advanced features will provide you with a great luxury car rental option. We can even have your favorite Tesla rental delivered right to your hotel on the Vegas strip.The eco-friendly luxury sedan will provide you with a fun experience that you will surly enjoy.

The cost to rent a Tesla Model S in Vegas for a day starts from $695. There are multiple models and depedning on the exact model the prices can be as high as $1,295. If there are none available we can always transport one from LA for an additional fee. The cost to transport the Model S from LA is $995 each way. You can even have one delivered to Vegas and return it in LA. Before you take delivery of the car we require you to have a security deposit on file. The deposit can range anywhere from $3,000-$8,000. If your ready to to experience one of the coolest electric cars to hit the streets of Vegas give us a call. We aim to provide you with the best Tesla rentals for Las Vegas at the best price.

The lowest amount of time you can rent a Tesla in Vegas is 24 hours. If the car needs to be delivered from another city then there may be a 48-72 hour minimum. If you have any other questions regarding the requirements and the process of renting a luxury car in Vegas give us a call.