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Rolls Royce Wraith Rental front

Rolls Royce Wraith Rental Vegas

Driving a Rolls Royce Wraith is a dream car with it’s elegant design, luxury cabin and majestic presence. This is not just any luxury coupe it is one of the most luxurious cars in the world. The bespoke Wraith has everything you could ever with every area of the motor car crafted to perfection. The Wraith is possibly the sportiest Rolls Royce in the lineup of high end luxury cars. It takes perfection to new levels and uses all of the worlds finest materials to get there. You can rent a Rolls Royce Wraith in Vegas for just one day or explore Nevada all weekend in the comfort of this magnificent luxury vehicle.

Rolls Royce Wraith side view


First appearing in 1938 the Wraith continues a long lasting heritage of superb motor cars .Just one look at the Wraith and you will immediately fall in love. The unique exterior design features smooth sweeping lines for an elegant design like no other. The first thing that catches most peoples attention is the signature Rolls Royce grill and the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. The bold design and beautiful wheels bring everything together like a body of art. Something that is truly unique and cannot be found in any other luxury coupe are the doors. The rear hinged doors open opposite of what you would normally see. They give you a grand entrance when you get inside. The doors can even be closed automatically with the push of a button on the interior.  Experience the new Rolls Royce Wraith the next time your in Vegas and you will feel like the boss of the town riding down the Vegas strip.


Inside of this luxurious masterpiece of automotive engineering is the quietest and most luxurious cabin in the world. The Wraith coupe seats four people comfortably and even the passengers in the rear have more space than you would find in any other luxury coupe. At night the star light headliner gives you the illusion of sitting under a starry night full of stars while comforting you in a oasis of luxury like you’ve never felt before. Even while the car is on you can barely hear the engine as the Rolls Royce Wraith uses layers of sound dampening materials to keep all the noise out of the cabin.The carpets are made from lambswool and are give you the sensation that there are pillows underneath your feet. It comes with an premium sound system that uses 18-speakers to give you a superb listening experience.
Rolls Royce wraith interior
Rolls Royce Wraith Rental engine


The Wraith is one of the most powerful luxury coupes in the world. Under the hood sits a 6.6-liter 624-hp V-12 motor. The powerful motor is paired to an 8-speed automatic ZF transmission for smooth shifting at any gear range. One of the ways the Wraith is able to provide such a smooth ride is the satellite-aided suspension system. The Wraith uses GPS as well as cameras to constantly adjust to the road conditions giving you one of if not the smoothest ride possible. Experience the power and performance of this luxurious sports coupe. Driving a Rolls Royce in Vegas is an experience that you just have to try for yourself. The way everything comes together provides you with one of the smoothest and most luxurious cars known to man.




198 MPH






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About Vegas Rolls Royce Wraith rentals

There’s no better feeling than pulling up to one of the prestigious luxury hotels on the Vegas strip in a majestic Rolls Royce Wraith. Renting a Wraith in Vegas is a once in a lifetime experience and gives you a feeling of greatness. Imagine yourself driving one of the best luxury cars in the world down the Vegas strip.The Wraith is the perfect car to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. Take your significant other for a ride of a lifetime in the comfort of a Wraith. This motor car speaks luxury like no other and will surly make your experience in Las Vegas an unforgettable one.We can even have a Rolls Royce wraith rental car delivered right to your hotel so it will be waiting for you downstairs when you ready.
The price for a day in a Rolls Royce Wraith in Las Vegas starts at $1295 per day. We also require a security deposit of $3,000-$5,000 before the car is picked up or delivered. Depending on what insurance coverage and the credit car you use the deposit can vary. We always strive to find you the best Rolls Royce rentals in Vegas at the best price possible. If you are an international client there may be additional insurance fees required in order to rent a luxury car in Vegas. If you would like to get an exact quote for your upcoming trip give us a call. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding pricing and availability.
The lowest amount of time you can rent a Wraith in Las Vegas is 2 hours. It’s a much better deal to rent the Wraith for 24 hours due to the fact that it’s not much more expensive and you get to enjoy the car for the entire day as opposed to just an hour or two. Lets say you were just to rent the car for 4 hours and someone else were to reserve the car for 4 hours after your rental you would not be able to extend the rental which is why we recommend our customers at least one day based on our experience in the business.