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Bugatti Rental Vegas

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Experience one of the most exotic cars in Las Vegas. You can rent a Bugatti in Vegas today. Select from the Bugatti Veyron or the brand new Bugatti Chiron. Take a weekend stroll in the drivers seat of a prestigious car that is rare as can be. Either Bugatti will be extremely powerful and can each 60mph in less than 3 seconds. Under the hood is a V12 spectacular engine. Inside the Bugatti you will find extreme comfort and and luxury interior like you’ve never seen before. Most hyper cars are purely race cars that are street legal but a Bugatti gives you the luxury and comfort seldomly seen in a car of such magnitude. Go on an adventure you’ll never forget when you rent a Bugatti in Las Vegas. We can deliver your favorite Bugatti to any hotel on the Vegas strip for free.



Vegas is the perfect setting to rent the most exotic car in the world. The Bugatti brand is synonymous for making some of those magnificent automotive machines of all time. The wide body and extreme performance these cars provide make them extremely popular cars. From the beautiful exterior to the luxurious interior you’ll enjoy every second behind the wheel of a Bugatti. Wake up in a new Bugatti and experience this premier car for yourself. You can drive your dream car in Vegas for a day. The only reason you wouldn’t want to drive a Bugatti is the daily price. Expect to drop at least 10k on the daily rental plus you must provide a hefty deposit as well. If that isn’t a problem then any Bugatti you choose to rent will provide one of the most incredible experiences in the world. Another reason you might want to rent a Bugatti is to showcase your brand at one of the many conventions that take place in sin city. Nothing says top of the line and luxury like Bugatti. If your planning on purchasing a Bugatti it is also a great way to figure out what model you like better. After all it’s not a cheap car and you won’t be able to test drive this car at the dealership.

When your talking about the most expensive and most powerful rental cars in the world expect to pay a premium. The Bugatti Veyron rental in Vegas will cost you $20,000 per day and the Chiron $25,000 per day. That’s not all you might have to buckle up your seat belt for this one. Bugatti rentals also require a $150,000 deposit. The good thing is that there is no delivery fee. We can have your dream Bugatti delivered to your hotel on the Vegas strip for free.This is the most expensive exotic car rental in Vegas but is also the most expensive car money can buy.

Bugatti Chiron

The Chiron takes Bugatti rentals to a whole other level. This beast of a car has an extremely powerful 8 liter 16-cylinder engine under the hood. The powerful engine is equipped with 4 turbo chargers to take you from 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. With a three million dollar price tag you can see why this duly appointed super car is always being talked about. If you want to rent the best of the best the Chiron will not disappoint. Overall the Chiron with it’s swooping¬† lines and ultimate performance features will give you an experience that will last forever. Make sure to take plenty of pictures because this is surely a once in a lifetime experience.

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti that marked it’s return back in the market.¬† The Veyron is still a very popular exotic car rental in Las Vegas. The Veyron may not look as aggressive as it’s big brother but still looks like something you would find in sci-fi movie. The rounded shape and luxurious interior make it a highly sought after super car to rent in Vegas. With a price tag of 1.7 million you can be sure that your renting one of the most exclusive cars of all time. In just 2.5 seconds this exotic car can reach 60 mph due to its powerful V16 engine. The engine produces more than 1000hp that stick you in your seat with the tap of the gas.

We do not provide hourly Bugatti rentals in Las Vegas. Although some cars in Vegas we can arrange a 4 hour rental the Bugatti requires a minimum of 24 hours. This car is extremely rare so you will want to put in your reservation as early as possible. We do provide Bugatti rentals for movie shoots and video productions but you would still be required the 24 hour minimum .Even if it’s just for some pictures for your advertising campaign the 24 hour minimum is always required. These cars are extremely exotic which is one of the reasons we do not provide them for hourly rentals.