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Tesla Model 3 Rental Houston

The Model 3 is a compact electric luxury sedan by the well known car producer Tesla. You can rent a Tesla Model 3 in Houston this weekend and experience how fun and powerful these electric cars are for yourself. The Model 3 is very spacious with enough room to carry 5 passengers comfortably. For such a compact luxury sedan it has a good amount of room even for rear passengers. Although this may be an entry level Tesla rental option it has a lot of the features you will find in the flagship models.


The exterior design of the Tesla Model 3 is a very similar to the model S. It features an all glass roof for maximum visibility when riding around Houston. The Model 3 has smooth body lines with recessed door handles that give it a modern touch. The minimalist design Tesla is known for creates maximum aerodynamic airflow to maximize your range and performance. The wheels are also geared to performance focusing on air flow for maximum efficiency. Explore this electric luxury sedan and cruise around Houston in this stylish and beautifully designed Tesla.


Step inside your Model 3 rental and you’ll probably be wondering where all the controls are. The minimalist design puts all of the cars information and controls right in the giant touch screen display in the center. Even the instrument cluster is in the center screen to minimize clutter and provide easy access when you need it. The seats are covered in leather and incredibly comfortable. Overall the sleek modern design of the interior is easy on the eyes and provides enough room for 5 passengers to ride around Houston comfortably. One thing to note is that the Model 3 only comes with usb-c charging ports so make sure you don’t forget to bring the right cable.



The Model 3 is a fully electric luxury sedan that doesn’t skimp on performance. Due to it’s electric powered motors it has incredible torque which makes it fun to drive. If the dual motor Model 3 is available setup you will have 449 horse power ready for you try. The long range model also has an extended range allowing you more time to enjoy the car without having to charge up. The long range dual motor models are also pretty fast with a 0-60 time of just 4.2 seconds. The last pro of renting a Tesla Model 3 in Houston is that it’s incredibly quiet even when you put the pedal to the metal.




148 MPH








A Tesla Model 3 is the perfect car to rent if your looking to try an electric car in Houston. The Houston Model 3 rental service allows you to experience all of the fun and excitement of these technologically advanced electric cars. This luxury sedan is stylish and fun to drive with the instant torque you get from the motors. It has a variety of integrated tech that you won’t find in many other luxury sedans. The large digital display in the center for example allows you to have a clutter free car with barely any buttons to distract you. It also has one of the best cruise control systems in the industry for long trips around Houston with your friends and family. We can deliver a Tesla Model 3 right to the driveway of your home or hotel.

The Tesla Model 3 has a price of around $299 per day. During busy holidays prices may go up. There is also a security deposit required that is based on your age and what insurance you provide. We strive to put you behind the wheel of the best Tesla rentals in Houston at an afforable price. If you are ready to reserve a Model 3 in Houston give us a call and we can give you an exact quote for the days you need it.

The least amount of time you can rent a Tesla Model 3 in Houston is 24 hours. You always have the option to return the Model 3 earlier but will still be charged for the full day.