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Corvette Rental Houston

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The iconic American muscle car is now available for rent in Houston. Since it’s release in 1953 it has been a popular sports car. Corvette rentals are one of the most affordable high performance sports cars. Drive this American classic while visiting Houston. The newly designed models received a complete facelift and even changed the positioning of the motor. The new Corvette is now a med engine sports car like some of it’s European competitors. This allows it to be perfectly balanced with better stability and performance. Corvette rentals in Houston are available for daily, weekend, or weekly rentals. Drive your favorite Corvette C8 Convertible this weekend.

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If you are looking to rent an exotic car in Houston and you want the best bang for your buck the Corvette stingray is a fun car to drive. This high performance mid engine super car provides all the thrill and excitement you get from a high end sports car without the high cost of the European models. The new redesigned C8 is more exotic looking than ever and due to the mid engine design. This is the best looking Corvette rental available in Houston. The modern design was also implemented inside the interior. It is still driver focused but has been refined for maximum comfort. Rent a Corvette and take your favorite person around Houston for the ride of a lifetime. You will have a great time while sitting behind the drivers seat of a Corvette. Rent this American icon this weekend in Houston and see what high performance engineering is all about.

The cost for a day in a new C8 Corvette Stingray in Houston starts from $695 per day. There is a also a refundable security deposit that is required before taking possession of the vehicle that ranges from  $1000-$3,000. Depending on your age and what insurance you provide the deposit may vary. As long as the vehicle is returned without damage you will have your deposit back within 3-5 business days. We strive to provide you with the best Corvette rentals in Houston at an affordable cost. Call us today and we can give you an exact quote to rent your favorite Corvette in Houston.

Corvette Stingray C8 Convertible

The new C8 Corvette Stingray Convertible has been a big hit with renters around the country. It is the coolest Corvette ever produced thanks to the new mid engine design. He designers were able to shape the car with a more exotic design and the engine in the middle of the car also aids in performance by keeping everything more balanced. This is the most requested Corvette especially the convertible model. One thing to note is if we can’t find you a convertible the standard model also has the option to remove the roof. It is a T top design so you will have to stop the car in order to remove or install the top but it still allows you to explore Houston with the roof off. Houston is the perfect place to ride with the top off and take in the amazing weather.

Like with all of the exotic cars for rent in Houston the Corvette requires a 24 hour minimum. Some special holidays and weekends there may even be a 2 or 3 day minimum. If you only need to rent a Corvette for a couple hours in Houston you can always return the car earlier but would still be charged for the full 24 hours. Because these are some of the most affordable exotic cars in Houston they are always in high demand. It is best to call in advance to book.