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BMW i8 Rental Houston

Experience one of the first hybrid electric sports car ever created. Houston BWW i8 rentals allow you to experience one of the coolest cars on the road. The i8 has an exotic looking design that seems like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. You are now able to rent a BMW i8 in Houston for a day or drive it around all weekend. As fast and exotic looking as this car is it can still do 78mpg with the eco mode enabled.


The exterior design of the i8 is unmatched by any other exotic car rental option in Houston. It looks like a concept car instead of a production vehicle. Even though it was released quite a while back it continues to make heads turn when it drives past. It also has one of the coolest looking doors. The dihedral doors open upward adding to the vehicles futuristic design. Experience this beautiful BMW rental car for yourself and take a ride to the future when your riding in the i8.


The BMW i8 has a modern interior as well. Although it closely resembles the interior of other BMW rentals it has a feeling of something more exotic. Starting with the doors that open up it calls attention everywhere you go. Getting inside might be tricky but once your inside you can see the quality of the interior. It has a heads up display that helps keep your eyes on the road when looking at the speed. The i8 is fully equipped with a easy to use navigation system that features Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to the favorite songs you have saved on your phone. It is also quite spacious for an exotic car and has a good amount of leg room for taller passengers.


Now lets talk about the i8’s performance. The i8 is a hybrid electric sports car so it combines an gas engine with an additional electric one. The total power is 369 horse power but since it has a lightweight carbon fiber cockpit it can go from 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. It also helps balance the weight distribution for better performance on the road. There are several drive modes to choose from such as COMFORT, SPORT, ECO PRO and eDRIVE. Every mode is created to suit your driving preference and style. The BMW is also all wheel drive with the gas engine powering the rear wheels and the electric motor powering the front.




155 MPH








The i8 is one of the most exotic looking cars on the road. When you rent an i8 in Houston you are experiencing electric and gas powered engines at the same time. It combines them both to not only increase performance but all save you gas for longer trips around Houston. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, are all reasons you might want to spoil yourself with a cool car for the weekend. The dihedral doors that open up and the concept car like design make this a popular exotic car rental option in Houston. We can even have the car waiting for you outside of your home or hotel with just one phone call.

The price to rent an i in Houston depends on how many days you take the car for but you can expect to pay around $599 a day. Most companies also require you to leave a security deposit of $2,500 as well prior to having the car delivered to you. We are dedicated to finding you the best BMW rentals in Houston at the best price possible. If you already know which days you will be needing the car give us a call and we can give you an exact price quote and check availability.

The lowest time frame you can reserve a BMW i8 in Houston is one day or 24 hours. If your only in town for a couple of hours or want to rent the car for your photo shoot we can arrange an early pickup but you will still be required to pay for the full day.