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BMW i8 Roadster rental front

BMW i8 Roadster Rental Houston

Ready to drive an i8 in Houston this weekend. With our BMW i8 rental service you now have the option to experience this hybrid electric super car whenever you need it. The best part of renting a convertible i8 in Houston is the versatility of being able to drop the top or raise it if it gets too hot. From the concept car designed exterior to the cool doors that open upward this is one of the coolest cars you can rent in Houston. Nothing can be more exciting then renting an I8 in Houston and taking your favorite person for a spin in this exotic looking sports car.

BMW i8 rental side


The i8 design is more than 8 years old but still remains one of the coolest BMW rentals in Houston. When the original design of the coupe was released at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show it was impressive. The sleek tail lights and scissor doors that open up are very exotic features that you won’t find in many cars. It adds to the cars allure providing a unique experience as heads will be turning everywhere you go. With the top down the sleek roadster design looks even better than the coupe. The top can raise or lower with the push of a button in just 11 seconds. The doors on the new i8 convertible were also redesigned to make it easier to get in and out of the car. See the i8 for yourself in person and drive to your favorite sports in Houston inside a BMW i8.


Step inside of this cool electric powered convertible sports car and you find a modern leather interior with a variety of tech features. Once the slick doors open upward your greeted with a low riding sports car that has a familiar BMW feel. All of the controls are easily accessible and give you quick access to the infotainment system and navigation system. The circular knob in the center allows you to quickly switch between settings which is found in a lot of the Houston BMW rental cars. Your going to love the look and feel of the i8 roadster interior. One thing to note is that BMW removed the rear seats in the roadster in order to accommodate the motor for the convertible motor.

BMW i8 rental interior
BMW i8 rental engine


The BMW was the first sports car to incorporate a hybrid electric and gas powered system. Sitting behind the driver is a 1.5-litre turbocharged inline 3 cylinder engine and in the front is where the electric motor sits. When they combine the i8 roadster has 369 horsepower which is 12 more than the coupe. It also has an improved battery system that gives it a little more distance. The suspension also received an upgrade to minimize under steer and provide better overall handling. You can drive the i8 on pure electric power for up to 18 miles if you run out of gas or want to eliminate any noise when pulling into your driveway. One thing to note is that if you exceed 75 mph the the gas engine will automatically kick in to assist the electric motors.




155 MPH






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If your visiting Houston and want to rent an exotic car but don’t want to spend to much the i8 is a great option. It looks just s exotic as some of the other options from top tier manufactures without the high price tag.The modern concept car like design makes it stand out among other rental car options in Houston. This is also one of the pioneers of hybrid electric sports cars. It was the first to incorporate this system into an exotic car. However the most popular reason why our customers love to rent the i8 convertible in Houston is those cool scissor doors. The convertible has even received upgraded doors that make it easier to get in and of of the vehicle.

The cost to rent an i8 roadster in Houston ranges anywhere from $495-$695 per day. There is also a security deposit required prior to taking possession of the vehicle that can range from $1000-$3,000. If you are having the car delivered the deposit must be take before the car leaves the car rental center. This is one of the most affordable exotic car rentals in Houston that still gives you an incredible design and is fun to drive. If you would like to get an exact quote give us a call and we would be happy to provide you with exact cost and availability. We strive to find you the best BMW rentals in Houston at the best price possible.

The lowest time frame you can rent an I8 convertible in Houston is 24 hours. If you don’t need the car or the entire 24 hours let us know in advance and we can arrange an early pickup. You would still be required to pay for the full day even if you don’t use the car for the complete duration.